FINOS Announces Call for Contributions to Recently Released Open Source Readiness and Financial Developer Experience Programs


FINOS Announces Call for Contributions to Recently Released Open Source Readiness and Financial Developer Experience Programs

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 8:10 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2018 / FINOS, (the Fintech Open Source Foundation), has announced today a public call for contributions to projects and working groups within two recently released programs, Open Source Readiness ("OSR"), and Financial Developer Experience ("FDX").

The Open Source Readiness ("OSR") program helps address the unique obstacles financial services firms face with open source collaboration - legal & regulatory concerns, internal policies, cultural friction, and heavily restricted technology environments. This program provides financial institutions, and others, with policies, tools and practices necessary to deepen their engagement with open source collaboration. More information about the OSR program, including a list of projects and working groups, as well as instructions on how to contribute, can be found on the OSR program space.

The Financial Development Experience ("FDX") program is focused on solving some of the unique challenges developers in financial services and fintech face due in part to the highly regulated and risk sensitive nature of the industry. The program includes efforts to define modern, efficient, secure, and compliant software development workflows, practices, and toolchains that can be used on the systems and networks found at large financial institutions. The programs also helps technology and data providers better anticipate and build for unique finance industry challenges and requirements.

A key goal of FDX is to help finserv developers evangelize for and implement development best practices, leading to further adoption of open source and inner source methodologies. FDK is also tasked with managing the evolution of the Open Developer Platform. Overall, the program seeks to foster the development of high quality, secure, compliant open source software, all while accelerating time to value. More background on FDX is on its program space.

Both programs are being presented in detail at today's FINOS member's meeting taking place in New York City. Additionally, a discussion led by Deb Bryant, Red Hat's Senior Director of Open Source and Standards, will keynote FINOS' monthly Open Source in Fintech Event Series happening tomorrow, June 27th, at 6:30pm at Silicon Valley Bank in New York. The event will is open to the public - registration can be done on Eventbrite here.

For more information on either program, interested contributors can also email for additional details at [email protected] (OSR) and [email protected] (FDX).

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