Therapy Cells Has Secured $18.2 Million of Funding to Complete Development of Tissue and Organ Repair

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Therapy Cells Has Secured $18.2 Million of Funding to Complete Development of Tissue and Organ Repair

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 10:45 AM

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2018 / Therapy Cells, Inc. (OTC PINK: TCEL) an early stage bioengineering company developing products that address unmet medical needs in the areas of cell re-growth in damaged tissue and organs, has secured $18.2 million of funding from private investors to complete development of Therapy Cells patented cell process.

The investment will clear the remaining debt, get FDA approval and start clinical Trials in the next quarter.

This investment enables us to recover our balance sheet and resume our efforts to get FDA approval. The clinical trial would start during the next quarter for our Phase I study.

Therapy Cells will use this funding to resume its development program, which has been on halt due to the lack of funding.

About Therapy Cells, Inc.

Therapy Cells has developed a novel and efficient method of growing tendon and articular cartilage for autotransplantation into individual affected patients.

The company's new approach to cell growth has already been applied to the repair of tendons and joints. The technology has also been applied to the re-growth of the pancreas and heart tissue.

Rejection does not occur, as the new cells are from that individual and are recognized by the body as non-foreign. We have proved in our tests that this new method of cell growth will be successfully used for cell and organ repair in many parts of the human body.

Focusing only on the adult cell dedicated to its role, Cell Therapy technology involves taking a tiny sample of the target tissue.

The cells are grown in sterile laboratory conditions with millions of new cells being produced.

These new cells are then transplanted back into the damaged area where they rebuild the damaged tissue.

SOURCE: Therapy Cells, Inc.

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