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FANFARE is Driving Innovation in Social Commerce

Thursday, 14 June 2018 07:37 AM


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2018 / The Internet sparked the global conversation, and as people discovered and invented new ways of sharing knowledge, markets had to evolve to stay relevant.

In today's age of high inter-connectivity and open communication, word-of-mouth is not hard to come across, and brands are trying hard to find new ways to promote their products and services on social networks that facilitate and promote this never-ending exchange of information.

FanFare, Thursday, June 14, 2018, Press release picture

This has given rise to innovative marketing tactics and channels such as influencer marketing.

Brands have, for some time now, adjusted to this new way of increasing awareness for their offerings, and are able to get in touch with influencers across social networks to boost their marketing efforts.

But, while social networks are incorporating buying features (for example, Facebook's buy button and Instagram's shoppable videos), established eCommerce sites are attempting to integrate social communication on their portals.

The problem with this wave of mass pivoting is that none of these platforms (social media or eCommerce) were originally built to handle both functionalities.

Facebook started off as a purely social networking service and eCommerce sites like eBay are purely shopping portals, and as such, make use of several third-party apps, bots or mini-platforms to incorporate the required Social Commerce functionalities.

This hampers the usability of these services, making the implemented elements seem out-of-place and clunky.

Introducing FANFARE

FANFARE, a blockchain-powered Social Commerce ecosystem, has bridged this gap between social networking and eCommerce by allowing brands, consumers and influencers to connect easily, natively and seamlessly.

Built from the ground up with Social Commerce at its core, FANFARE's platform enables users to create visual content in the form of videos and then monetize them for brands in a number of ways.

While the apps (both creator-end and brand-end) are currently in use on both iOS and Android, FANFARE looks to automate the system of incentivization on Blockchain.

As part of the new ecosystem, content creators will be able to give shoutouts to target brands using FANFARE's brand-tagging system. If verified by the brand, the videos will be shared on the brand's official channel on FANFARE and the creators are rewarded with FAN Tokens.

FANFARE also allows brands to proactively sponsor videos and directly add 'BUY' buttons for their products based on which product or service the content promotes.

'BUY' buttons are added to either one or more of a total of 4 slots on a video and stay there for seven days. Users who click on the 'BUY' buttons are redirected to the respective brands' eCommerce portals, where they can make their purchases.

The entire ecosystem runs on a reward system based on likes and popularity of videos, and will even incentivize users for watching videos by rewarding them with FAN Tokens.

Spearheaded by Media Maverick and Entrepreneur, Vincent Lim and Award-Winning Film Director, Michael Chua, FANFARE ushers in a new wave of Social Commerce features and products targeting an increasingly tech-savvy consumer base that would not compromise on either content quality or platform usability.

The project will conduct its tokensale in October 2018, with a pre-sale scheduled in August 2018.

To find out more about what you can do on FANFARE, visit:

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Media Contact

Name: Michael Chua
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 94554297


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