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Doctor Edward J.S. Picardi: Former Military Surgeon From South Dakota Goes to West Africa for Missionary Work

Sunday, June 10, 2018 8:00 AM
Dr. Edward Picardi

RAPID CITY, SD / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2018 / Dr. Edward Picardi once again finds himself abroad to offer his services in the conflict-affected communities of Liberia and Togo in West Africa on his latest medical mission.

Dr. Picardi is no stranger to danger, of course. After getting his medical degree, he immediately signed up for the military prompted by patriotic fervor. He spent 13 years in the service of his country and played a vital role in both the Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The surgeon is going to be part of the team of doctors and surgeons for the World Medical Mission-Samaritan's Purse, which travels to Liberia for three weeks starting on the first week of May. By late June he will fly to Togo, a small country of 7 million people, where he has already volunteered twice.

The service overseas component of the mission gathers a select team of volunteer Christian doctors who will then make a trip to a developing country in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Oceania, and Asia.

Leaving His Solo Practice

In volunteering his services, Dr. Picardi is also leaving his solo practice in Nebraska for the meantime. It was a struggle at first considering the controversies surrounding him. For people who are not familiar with the story, the surgeon was stripped of his practice for being a staunched advocate against the HillaryCare and ObamaCare beginning 1993.

He lost his license in 2013 but was subsequently reinstated by the Nebraska Medical Board in 2016.

Because he has a solo practice, there are no built-in referrals that will ensure a steady stream of clients. "It was predominately by patient's word-of-mouth and patient's trust in our practice and patients were willing to refer friends, relatives, and loved-ones to me whenever a surgeon is needed," he says.

Commitment to Samaritan's Purse

After that episode in his Iife, he made a commitment to Samaritan's Purse to help in any way he can. Dr. Picardi and his ever-supportive wife, Sandy, never question where he will be deployed, fully trusting that God will take care of them.

The couple also found lifelong friends, not only among the fellow volunteer doctors but also the communities where he renders his expertise. In Togo or any other impoverished communities, for instance, it's not uncommon for parents to ask him to be a godfather to their children, an honor he immediately accepts.

"Patients would also call me for medical advice even when it's not surgery-related, and this happens even in the middle of the night," he adds. "But it's never in my character to refuse somebody who needs help."

SOURCE: Dr Edward Picardi

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