The alphaDIRECT Advisors Monitor: May in Review

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The alphaDIRECT Advisors Monitor: May in Review

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 1:00 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2018 / During May 2018, alphaDIRECT Advisors (ADA), a Publishing and Investor Intelligence firm, published two alphaDIRECT Management Series and one comprehensive alphaDIRECT Overview Report as part of its ongoing Investor Intelligence Program covering the EnergyTech (ESG), Emerging Growth and the BioEconomy sectors.

ADA's mission is to help companies better communicate with stakeholders and provide investors with insights into key aspects of the company's strategy, operations and technology.

Below is a brief summary of May's publications.

VivoPower International, PLC (NASDAQ: VVPR) alphaDIRECT Advisors announced that Shawn Severson, Founding Partner and CEO, conducted a review of VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ: VVPR) and its position in the solar value chain and specifically, its unique business model and growth strategy. VivoPower is a global next generation solar power company that operates a build, transfer and operate (BTO) model to establish an installed solar power asset base in a capital efficient manner.

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Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (TSX: WPRT; NASDAQ: WPRT) alphaDIRECT Advisors conducted a review of Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (TSX/NASDAQ: WPRT) and its leading position as a global Tier 1 OEM supplier with Vice President, OEM Light Duty and General Manager, Emer Operations, Fabio Vesentini. WPRT is driving innovation to power a cleaner tomorrow and they are inventors, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers of advanced clean fuel systems and components that can change the way the world moves.

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Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGI) alphaDIRECT Advisors conducted a review of Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGI) and discussed products and strategy with Chief Executive Officer and President, Randy Howard. REGI is a leading provider of cleaner, lower carbon intensity products and services. They are an international producer of biomass-based diesel, a developer of renewable chemicals and are North America's largest producer of advanced biofuel.

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About alphaDIRECT Advisors

alphaDIRECT Advisors (ADA), a division of EnergyTech Investor, LLC, is a Publishing and Investor Intelligence firm that creates and implements digital content and programs to help investors better understand a company's key drivers including industry dynamics, technology, strategy, outlook, and risks, as well as the impact they could have on the stock price. ADA's expertise encompasses a variety of sectors including Emerging Growth, BioEconomy, Industrial and EnergyTech (Clean Transportation, Emerging EnergyTech, Energy Services, Smart Buildings, Solar and Water Value Chain). ADA was founded by Wall Street veteran and research analyst Shawn Severson after seeing a significant shift in the investment industry that resulted in less fundamental research conducted on small-cap companies and a significant decline in information available to all investors. ADA's mission is to bridge that information gap and engage companies and investors in a way that opens information flow and analytical insights.

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