Coachella™ Premium Cannabis Brand Expands Presence in Dispensaries throughout California

Cultivation Technologies, Inc.

Coachella™ Premium Cannabis Brand Expands Presence in Dispensaries throughout California

Monday, June 4, 2018 3:05 AM

IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2018 / Cultivation Technologies, Inc. ("CTI"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of licensed cannabis in California through its subsidiaries Coachella Manufacturing and Coachella Distributors, announced today that its Coachella™ Premium brand of cannabis concentrates and vape cartridges are gaining traction in California dispensaries.

Following initial sales efforts, Coachella™ Premium is featured at approximately ten California locations, including premier dispensaries like Connected Cannabis (multiple locations), Lighthouse (Coachella), 420 Central (Santa Ana), and From the Earth (Santa Ana).

Coachella™ Premium procures craft cannabis from artisan, licensed cultivators to produce some of the highest quality concentrates in California. Production artists from Coachella Manufacturing create custom formulations using a state-of-the-art, licensed lab featuring the latest in cold storage, extraction and distillation technology. The finished products undergo testing and a scoring process, where only select batches bare the Coachella™ Premium namesake.

All Coachella™ Premium products undergo full panel testing, unlike a majority of concentrates in the marketplace. The Coachella™ Premium line of products features all the major concentrate types – including diamonds, sauce, shatter, batter, and sugar – with an ongoing list of strains. Coachella™ Premium vape cartridges feature organic fruit terpenes and all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes for extraordinary flavors. Initial market feedback gathered during the product development phase indicates that Coachella™ Premium brand vape cartridges offer a unique proposition within the vaporizer market – one of the fastest growing verticals in the cannabis market.

"As sponsor of state legislation AB2679 which sets safety standards and institutional best practices for cannabis extraction using solvents, we have been at the forefront of Butane Hash Oil ("BHO") extraction in California. Our initial list of retail partners is a testament to all we have done, and ultimately, illustrates where we are going as a brand," said Justin Beck, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CTI and its subsidiaries. "As we grow, we intend to support our retail partners by ensuring sell-through of our products."

Coachella Manufacturing produces THC concentrates through BHO extraction – the Company was one of the first to operate a legal solvent extraction facility for cannabis in California. Since then, the company has been working to maximize commercialization of products from its facility – which can process an estimated 6,000 pounds of biomass per month translating to approximately 3.7 million grams of raw cannabis oil per year.

In addition to producing Coachella™ Premium concentrates, Coachella Manufacturing provides "Extraction-as-a-Service" to other cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors who require licensed BHO processing for their biomass in exchange for a service fee to Coachella Manufacturing. Coachella Distributors provides delivery to retail and allows for biomass procurement or delivery of bulk products – creating a true end-to-end solution for cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in California's licensed cannabis environment.

For state-licensed dispensaries who wish to carry Coachella™ Premium products, visit for more information.

For information on BHO extraction services from Coachella Manufacturing, visit for more information.

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Cultivation Technologies, Inc. provides infrastructure, manufacturing, extraction, distribution, technology, and branding to the legal medical cannabis industry. The company owns 6-acres in Coachella, California, which is entitled for a 111,500+ square foot facility featuring cultivation centers, manufacturing facilities, a testing lab, a distribution hub featuring transportation, and a centralized processing center. For more information, visit The Company acquired temporary licenses for "Type 7" manufacturing and distribution from the State of California in January 2018.


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