RV Trailblazer Gigi Stetler Continues Court Battle Against Mark Bellissimo of Equestrian Show Holdings and Marcus Lemonis of Camping World
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RV Trailblazer Gigi Stetler Continues Court Battle Against Mark Bellissimo of Equestrian Show Holdings and Marcus Lemonis of Camping World

Thursday, May 3, 2018 2:15 PM
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2018 / The epic battle between Gigi Stetler CEO of RV Sales of Broward and defendants Marcus Lemonis CEO of Camping World and Mark Bellissimo of the Bellissimo Entities began over a decade ago with no apparent end in sight, and despite vast and conspired efforts to silence her, Stetler stands firm in her position and won't back down. The truth will eventually come to light of the boundless attempts by defendants to use governmental and legal connections to try and silence Stetler once and for all.

The legal proceedings are tantamount to watching a Mario Brothers video game with roadblocks and hurdles being constantly thrown in the way of reaching the truth. Such attempts at unfair tactics and legal gamesmanship is no stranger to Stetler who vows to see the legal process through every channel available. Today, Stetler finds herself headed for the next legal stage, the Fourth District Court of Appeal where the court will be asked to reverse a ruling entered into by Judge Richard Oftenale ironically on his last day on the bench as he headed for retirement.

The defendants filed a motion for summary judgment claiming that Stetler did not suffer damages because they claimed even if they wronged Stetler she was broke before their actions came into play. At the conclusion of that November 27th hearing in 2017, Oftedale showed his bias seeking a proposed order for consideration solely by counsel for the defendants and not even remotely concerned about a proposed order by Stetler. The order finally entered cut Stetler to her knees, eliminating the obvious damages she sustained and despite numerous motions for reconsiderations and hearings challenging the ruling, the die was cast. No judge would reverse a ruling of a now retired judge. This left Stetler with only one place to go - up the chain of legal command to the appellate court. "I believe the appellate court will recognize there were genuine issues of material facts in the record and submitted as evidence that should have prevented any order on summary judgment," says Stetler. "Whether it was palpable bias or the judge's attempt to clear his desk, the damage was done," Stetler says. I can't help but feel this was a personal message to the only woman in the sea of the good ole' boys club - move on lady and find somewhere else to assert yourself.

ABC Story- https://www.local10.com/news/bob-norman/reality-star-business-guru-marcus-lemonis-sued-for-business-practices

Deposition of Marcus Lemonis- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naCWD00L4Is

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