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Jeff Garzik, Former Bitcoin Core Developer, is Announced Co-Founder of SpaceChain

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 9:03 AM

Jeff Garzik Assumes Role of Co-Founder and CTO of SpaceChain

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2018 / Jeff Garzik, former bitcoin core developer, has joined an exciting new venture in the field of space exploration and technology aiming to bring blockchain into space. SpaceChain's mission is to create open-source practices and technologies that can optimize space travel and research as well as develop a platform to enable the creation of new space-based businesses.

Jeff Garzik, Former Bitcoin Core Developer, is Co-Founder and CTO of SpaceChain

Garzik is a renowned futurist, space expert, entrepreneur and software engineer. He is the co-founder and CEO of Bloq. Mr. Garzik is best known for developing bitcoin core open-source software.

SpaceChain brings innovation and decentralization to the space exploration effort. The team adheres to a philosophy that values international collaboration, where multiple parties maintain open-source software with free market competition to build the best applications for space-based technologies and businesses.

SpaceChain Creates First Open-Source Satellite Network on Blockchain

The venture's core objectives include the creation of a cheaper, more accessible platform for exploring space and conducting research. SpaceChain is building the world's first open-source satellite network running blockchain nodes for decentralized applications. These blockchain nodes will also be a backup and storage in case systems on earth are disrupted.

Jeff Garzik's vision for SpaceChain is optimistic, "We envision using token economics, private funding and private leadership to accelerate outer space development. We will be able to execute missions that fit this blockchain philosophy, and our philosophy is in the spirit of openness, transparency and collective collaboration."

SpaceChain Plans to Launch Three Satellites in 2018

Jeff Garzik says of the project that, "We envision inter-satellite links which involve satellite-to-satellite communications. In order to have a decentralized mesh network, you first need satellite-to-satellite communications." The team aims to develop a satellite-related platform for apps built on Qtum platform technologies.

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