Stay Classy Records 5-Star Rating on Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews, Sets Standard for Customer Service

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Stay Classy Records 5-Star Rating on Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews, Sets Standard for Customer Service

Reputable San Diego Airport Transportation Service Provider Recorded a 5-star Rating on Online Reviews Platforms like Yelp, Facebook and Google Reviews. Reviews Analysis Suggests the Rating is Largely Owed to the Company's Personable Customer Service, Uncompromised Timeliness, and the Condition of their Fleet

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2017 / Stay Classy Airport Black Car Service, a well-established provider of San Diego private transportation services, marks the middle of the third business quarter with a 5-star rating on popular online reviews platforms Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook.

Stay Classy has developed the business based on a straightforward credo - "Be on time, every time". The company even offers a full refund if they fail to live up to the high standard. Considering that timeliness is often praised by customers in their reviews, it seems that the company not only meets but exceeds the customers' expectations in this respect. The company's dedication to living up to their own high standards seems to be much appreciated by customers on a personal level.

Being a company that provides airport transportation services for corporate clients, Stay Classy is required to uphold the highest standards of quality and luxury regarding their fleet. The reviews show that the costumers praise the company's fleet for its well-maintained condition, prestige and the amenities provided. These include a Wi-Fi connection in the vehicles, as well as bottled water and other refreshments provided for the customers on their journey.

Additionally, the detailed analysis of the reviews also implies that the company largely owes its 5-star rating to the professionalism and the personable disposition of the company's staff. The absence of answering machines and customer support chatbots is especially appreciated by the company's customers. Furthermore, customers appreciate the prompt response to their inquiries and concerns, as well as the fact that they are addressed by a real person.

The knowledge gathered by the detailed reviews analysis indicates a greater trend among modern consumers, who seem to value the customer-oriented approach as much as the service or product itself. While a customer can be satisfied with the service or product, they seem more likely to leave a favorable review if the quality service was accompanied by a positive customer experience provided directly by a company's staff.

Stay Classy has earned a 5-star rating on Yelp with 165 5-star reviews on their Yelp profile. As for Google Reviews, the company's profile displays 235 5-star reviews, while their official Facebook page has gathered 58 5-star reviews.

About Stay Classy: Stay Classy is a provider of private car transportation services in San Diego. Some of the services offered by the company include transportation to San Diego and Los Angeles international airports, wedding transportation, transportation to and from SoCal cruise ship terminals, and more. Stay Classy boasts a vast repeat and referral business from some of the largest companies in the US.

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