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Designing Digitally, Inc. Wins Best Alternative Learning Solution at eLearningGuild's FocusOn Learning 2017 DemoFest

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 05:05 AM

Designing Digitally, Inc.


FRANKLIN, OH / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2017 / Designing Digitally, Inc., an award-winning training simulation, serious game, and corporate learning developer located in Ohio, won a DemoFest award at FocusOn Learning 2017 conference. Designing Digitally has created award winning corporate training simulations, business serious games, gamified eLearning, mobile learning applications for some of the biggest brands in the world.

The adaptation and immersion into new technologies can benefit learners tremendously, and that's exactly what Designing Digitally, Inc. did with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise 3Par StoreServe 3D Repair Simulator. Designing Digitally, Inc., in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, was awarded "Best Alternative Learning Solution" from The eLearning Guild at DemoFest 2017. The HPE Virtual 3Par StoreServ 3D Repair Simulator uses the LEAP Motion Device and a 3D gaming engine to provide an immersive hands-on learning experience working with virtual hardware, allowing learners to interact with the device in a safe and innovative way.

This 3D Simulation was developed to be used as a blended learning simulation to give HPE trainers a tool to provide a hands-on approach to interacting with a 3Par StoreServ server without worrying about heavy repair costs, or additional parts purchasing to train on routine maintenance, repair, and upgrades. This immersive 3D experience allows learners to use their hands in a virtual environment to interact with the 3D model giving them a more in-depth look at how to interact with the hardware than any previous training offered. Participants at DemoFest 2017 were able to view and experience the simulation and then voted based on their experience. You can view the HPE Virtual 3Par StoreServ Repair Simulator here.

Nick Taylor, Director of Developer for Designing Digitally, Inc., said, "We have an amazing partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise that allows us to push the boundaries of hardware and software technologies to improve engagement and interaction within the learning approaches at HPE. We are honored to accept this award from the eLearning Guild and look forward to continuing to help companies like HPE explore the future of immersive learning technologies."

About Designing Digitally, Inc.:

Designing Digitally, Inc. is an award-winning custom Serious Game, eLearning, Training Simulation, and Mobile Learning development firm focused on being a catalyst for corporate behavior change. Designing Digitally, Inc. has developed a number of serious games and simulations, gamified E-Learning solutions for large corporations and government agencies around the world.

SOURCE: Designing Digitally, Inc.

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