Thunder Energies Chief Scientist Interviewed by Howard Hughes of TalkRadio in London

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Thunder Energies Chief Scientist Interviewed by Howard Hughes of TalkRadio in London

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 9:44 AM

TARPON SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 5, 2017 / Brian Buckley, Vice President of Thunder Energies, a publicly traded company with a stock symbol (OTC PINK: TNRG), announced that the Company's Chief Scientist, Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, recently conducted an interview with Howard Hughes of TalkRadio in London on the threat to both the U.S. and England posed by the possible smuggling of nuclear waste (

Mr. Buckley states, "The interviewer first listed some of the honors and awards received by Dr. Santilli for his scientific discoveries, including being knighted with the membership to the millenary Equestrian order of the Sant'Agata, which is the Republic of San Marino ( The interviewer then passed to scientific profiles, namely, the insufficiencies of Newton's differential calculus for the development of technologies suitable to resolve the contemporary problems of our society, and finally, interviewed Dr. Santilli on his discovery of a generalization of Newton's differential calculus and its application to the synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas, which is needed for the detection of nuclear weapons smuggled in containers and suitcases." (

Dr. Santilli states, "During the London interview, I stressed the outstanding work done by the U.S. and British intelligence in preventing a nuclear bomb being exploded on our soil. However, our intelligence needs technologies for the clear detection of nuclear material. I was pleased that Mr. Hughes was fully aware of the biggest obstacle for a better National Security, which is given by the well known, historical organized opposition by the orthodox physics community against much needed advances (see the comments from President Trump's nominee as Scientific Advisor - In fact, the detection of nuclear weapons can only be done via a flux of low energy neutrons, which can be best obtained via their synthesis from a hydrogen gas. The orthodox scientific academia has been sealed in the dark side of science for opposing, obstructing and discrediting for about seventy years the synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas because it violates Einstein's special relativity and quantum mechanics, thus mandating the construction of covering theories much needed for the advancement of mankind at the dawn of the third millennium ( I would like to praise President Trump for being receptive to such a sizable problem of our contemporary societies." (an illustration of the new sciences being developed at the mathematical, theoretical, experimental and industrial levels all beyond academia, one can inspect the 155 pages of review at

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Brian Buckley
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