Instant Data Centers Announces New Partnership with AZLoop

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Instant Data Centers Announces New Partnership with AZLoop

AZLoop is Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team, a Group that is Looking at Ways to Achieve High-Speed Mass Transportation

TEMPE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / March 2, 2017 / The founders of Instant Data Centers (IDC), a company that manufactures outdoor rated edge micro data centers, are pleased to announce that they have partnered with AZLoop. AZLoop is Arizona's SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team.

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As a company spokesperson noted, the Hyperloop is a new proposed form of high-speed mass transportation that can achieve speeds of up to 750 miles per hour. The team at IDC has over a decade of expertise in supporting high-performance computing solutions in any environment and can distribute small data center nodes along the transit path, lowering latency increasing reaction times, saving both money and time.

Now, as part of the new partnership with AZLoop, micro data centers invented and produced locally in Arizona can support the unprecedented data processing demands of a Hyperloop transport system as well as simplify and standardize the construction process required to support those systems along the route.

"The Hyperloop system will require high bandwidth communications and rapid localized data processing along the Hyperloop's route," the spokesperson said, adding that onboard computers, sensors, and cyber-physical systems will need to react and adjust to conditions along the transit path much faster than the traditional data center, and edge network topology will allow.

Simon Rohrich, a design engineer at Instant Data Centers, has been fascinated by the Hyperloop concept after reading about the technology in Robert Heinlein's science fiction book, "Double Star." His broad grasp of technology solutions from a wide range of industries, coupled with a decade of practical experience in several startups, are exactly the type of skills Arizona's Hyperloop project is seeking, the spokesperson said.

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