Thunder Energies Corporation Announces the Filing of a Grant Application to the Department of Defense to Develop Nuclear Weapon Detection Stations

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Thunder Energies Corporation Announces the Filing of a Grant Application to the Department of Defense to Develop Nuclear Weapon Detection Stations

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 10:15 AM

TARPON SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2017 / Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, CEO and Chief Scientist of Thunder Energies Corporation (OTC PINK: TNRG), a publicly traded company with stock symbol TNRG, announces the filing of a grant application to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense, program HDTRA1-17-S-0002 Science and Technology New Initiatives, for the development of Nuclear Weapon Detection Stations. In preparation of this application, the company has completed all of the requirements to be admitted to federal procurement and has strengthened its technical team, including the hiring of a grant specialist (see the executive Summary ).

A schematic view of the scanning of suitcases with Thunder Energies’ neutron source to detect smuggled nuclear weapons.

Dr. Santilli continues, "Our governmental agencies have spent seven hundred million dollars for the detection of smuggled nuclear weapons without achieving a needed detection station. This is because the use of X-ray and other conventional technologies under which nuclear fuels, such as Uranium-235 cannot be effectively distinguished from ordinary materials since they are stable metals (for details, see: Following decades of preparatory mathematical and theoretical research initiated when I was at Harvard University under support from the Department of Energy, Thunder Energies Corporation has developed a new source of low energy neutrons synthesized from the hydrogen gas (patent pending by Thunder Energies Corporation, see the review by Business Television: ).

This neutron source is ideally suited to detect nuclear weapons smuggled in containers or suitcases because, when hit by low energy neutrons, Uranium-235 and other nuclear fuels disintegrate by releasing a variety of radiations, allowing the clear detection of smuggled nuclear weapons."

A view of Thunder Energies Neutron Source

"The application to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency," continues Dr. Santilli, "requests funds, as well as the collaboration of the U.S. National Laboratories and qualified corporations, for the development of remotely operated and properly shielded Nuclear Weapon Detection Stations comprising: Thunder Energies neutron source; a collection of radiation detectors; radiation shielding for the protection of operators and the environment; remote monitoring and controls; and various accessories. It is rewarding to see that the Defense Threat Reduction Agency has released a program specifically intended for new start up corporations, thus providing great opportunities for the development of new technologies." (see the review:

A view of the Pulsing Power Unit developed by Thunder Energies Corporation

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Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli
CEO and Chief Scientist
Thunder Energies Corporation

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