Texas Hospitality Services Launches Bar, Restaurant, and Hotel Consulting Services Division

Texas Hospitality Services, LLC

Texas Hospitality Services Launches Bar, Restaurant, and Hotel Consulting Services Division

Monday, December 5, 2016 5:50 PM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2016 / Texas Hospitality Services, LLC ("THS"), the premier alcoholic-beverage permitting service in D/FW, is pleased to announce the formal expansion of its business to include expert hotel, restaurant, and bar consulting services for both new and existing venues. As a former attorney with 25 years of alcoholic beverage law under his belt, THS President Andrew Siegel has fought and won several big fights for his clients in the liquor and hospitality industry. As the former Chair of several Firms' Hospitality Sections, Siegel helped advise major and independent hotel and restaurant groups and hundreds of sports bars, bars, restaurants, gas stations, liquor and convenience stores and SOBs on how best to profitably found, fund, and run their enterprises. Siegel recently resigned from the practice of law and, instead, focuses through THS on exclusively providing hotel, restaurant, and bar consulting services and helping to timely secure alcoholic beverage and related business permits. This enables THS clients to better structure, operate, brand, and market their businesses on a more cost-effective, efficient, and successful basis.

Andy Siegel brings to the table both his former background in alcoholic beverage and hospitality law, a long track-record of advising restaurants, hotels, and bars, and experience as a co-owner and operator of national marquee restaurants and nightclubs (including Ghostbar-Dallas at the W-Hotel) and a fine dining/movie theater. THS now combines Siegel's experience and knowledge with the talents of diverse hospitality specialists to help your bar, restaurant, hotel, or nightclub with analysis, planning, and implementation of all aspects of opening, operating, purchasing, managing, marketing, and promoting your establishment in an increasingly competitive environment.

Siegel explains, "Securing your TABC permit is just the first formal step to opening a new venue. THS goes further by advising both new and more seasoned operators who recognize the need for outside, independent guidance with any or every phase of their restaurant, bar, and hotel venue." Depending on your business needs, THS brings to the table a carefully selected team of experts to help infuse your business with passion and purpose. THS assists with everything from optimal site selection, staffing, and training your wait-staff, bartenders, and executives, to food and drinks menu planning and pricing, to purchasing and management advice. THS caters to your special need for creative branding, targeted marketing, successful social media and event planning, and campaigns.

Siegel calls THS your "one-stop shop" for restaurant, hotel, bar, and retail consulting expertise. "Our mission," he emphasizes, "is to help clients increase operational efficiencies, deploy meaningful branding and marketing strategies, as well as navigate the maze of Local Option laws that regulate which alcoholic beverages can be sold and promoted where and when." THS also advises permittees how to formulate and implement state-of-the-art Seller/Server policies and procedures that take advantage of affirmative defenses to certain TABCode violations.

Please turn to THS for experienced assistance and help expediting and resolving your new or pending operational or permitting issues or to audit your ongoing TABC compliance. For a confidential consultation and more information, please contact Andy Siegel at 214/460-7855 or, [email protected] or, visit us at: www.txhospitality.com.

SOURCE: Texas Hospitality Services, LLC