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Crowd Invest Summit to Feature Notable Female Crowdfunding Expert Speakers

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 09:00 AM

The Crowd Invest Summit


Line-up Includes Influential Women Positively Impacting the Crowdfunding Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2016 / The Crowd Invest Summit is proud to feature several female executives who are thought leaders in the area of crowdfunding. Women play a major role in the equity crowdfunding space, but their accomplishments are not always given the attention they deserve. They are rarely highlighted or included as speakers, but the Crowd Invest Summit is changing that.

Happening December 7-8 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Crowd Invest Summit will feature Dara Albright, founder at Dara Albright Media; Silvia Davi, chief marketing officer at; and Amy Wan, principal at The Law Offices of Amy Wan.

"More often than not, female executives and thought leaders are grossly underrepresented in the conference circuit, despite playing critical roles in the securities crowdfunding industry," said Darren Marble, co-founder of the Crowd Invest Summit. "My partners and I are determined to change that with Crowd Invest Summit. We value diversity and inclusion, and we are excited to highlight leaders like Dara, Silvia and Amy."

Dara Albright - Leading FinTech Executive

Dara Albright is an early adopter of the crowdfunding movement. This entrepreneur and business leader is founder and president of Dara Albright Media, which assists financial advisors, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, and investors to take advantage of the current crowdfunding revolution - and it IS a revolution.

The worldwide financial revolution has picked up speed thanks to several catalysts that helped increase its growth - the advancement of technology (reaching people using radio, then TV, then Internet, and, now, social media) and the demand for more equal financial systems. Move over accredited investors, the acceptance of Reg. A+ is an example of helping to level the playing field by allowing the other 99% to invest in products and ideas in which they believe. This new regulation creates opportunities for all levels of investors, businesses, and financial service providers.

Albright explained, "My colleague, Lisa Thompson, who was one of the first Internet analysts on Wall Street, once told me, 'the difference between the way men and women approach the markets is that men gamble and women shop. Men like to trade; whereas women search for bargains.' I think it is this innate distinction that makes women naturals for the Crowdfinance industry which is comprised of a new breed of investors who are as passionate about an issuer's product or in a social return as they are in capital appreciation. As such, I think as investors, analysts, and investment bankers women can bring a unique and necessary perspective in determining which Crowdfinance offerings are most likely to succeed."

Albright will participate in the "Platforms and Funding Options" panel at the Crowd Invest Summit.

Silvia Davi - Veteran Capital Markets Expert

Silvia Davi is the chief marketing officer for She is an obvious overachiever handling branding, content, social media marketing, public relations, and events. Silvia also serves as a print and broadcast contributor. She regularly interviews CEOs and experts on market trends, business issues, and innovations. She is a huge advocate for women's issues and also launched the Equities Women's Council, a community for dynamic, entrepreneurial women.

When it comes to investing, Silvia attempts to add diversity to the crowdfunding landscape by urging companies to hire more female leaders. "Diversity is important in the workplace and more companies are looking to diversify their workforces," said Davi. "Research shows that an increase in the number of women in business, and in particular in leadership positions, is correlated to an increase in business returns. Women bring a different perspective and a different set of problem solving skills to the workplace. They still face challenges that their male counterparts do not." is an independent editorial news organization that strives to bring its integrity-based influence to the financial market sector. They sell marketing packages that focus on helping public companies market themselves and their stock. helps companies prove themselves by being content driven and using great storytelling to get the word out, and spur interest in, their clients.

Davi will participate in the "The Future of Crowdfinance" panel at the Crowd Invest Summit.

Amy Wan - Top Securities Attorney and Industry Voice

Amy Wan, Esq., CIPP/US is principal at The Law Office of Amy Wan, Esq., where she advises companies on startup and crowdfunding law. She is interested in changing the way people think about legal service delivery with our modern-day technology. Her law office is committed to a tech-enabled practice that provides practical advice to help clients reach their full potential.

Amy is the founder and co-organizer of Legal Hackers LA, and in 2014, she was named one of the top ten women to watch in legal technology by the American Bar Association Journal.

"Women account for 30% of business owners in the U.S., yet they only get 4.4% of small business loans," said Wan. "We need to encourage more education and more women to step up to the plate to fix this gender-funding gap. If the alternative finance industry looks the same as the traditional finance industry, will we have moved the needle at all?"

Wan will participate in the "Legal Pitfalls in Equity Crowdfunding" panel at the Crowd Invest Summit.

About The Crowd Invest Summit

The Crowd Invest Summit was founded by three pioneers in the equity crowdfunding sector: Josef Holm, Darren Marble, and Alon Goren. The conference was developed with the vision that every American, whether accredited or not, can now become equity investors. Visit us online at

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