United Cannabis Corporation's Jamaican Joint Venture To Commence Pilot Program In Collaboration With Centre For Cannabis Research, University Of West Indies

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United Cannabis Corporation's Jamaican Joint Venture To Commence Pilot Program In Collaboration With Centre For Cannabis Research, University Of West Indies

Thursday, October 20, 2016 3:11 PM

Partnership To Support The Efforts Of The Decriminalization Herb Advocacy and Public Awareness (DHAPA) Association

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2016 / United Cannabis Corporation (OTCQB: CNAB) (the "Company" or "United Cannabis") today announced that its Joint Venture (the "Joint Venture" or "UCANN/CRD"), which is 50% owned with Jamaica-based Cannabis Research & Development ("CRD"), has initiated a pilot program in collaboration with the Rastafari Studies Centre for Cannabis Research, University of West Indies, Mona, to establish protocols for the development of Ital Standards which will be used as a guide for the processing, cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

UCANN/CRD will work in collaboration with the Rastafari Studies Centre (the "Centre") to support the activities of the DHAPA Association in accord with their broader objective of establishing an infrastructure for licensed Rastafari farmers and trainees to participate in the Jamaican marijuana industry.

Dr. Jahlani Niaah, Coordinator of the Rastafari Studies Center/Centre for Ganja Research, commented on the announcement, "I would like to thank the entire team at CRD/UCANN/Blue River Extracts for their invaluable contribution of equipment to our educational outreach project. We are confident that the equipment will be instrumental in strengthening our data collection, documentation and media education campaign around cannabis. We look forward to deepening our collaboration in the upcoming months as we work to increase hands-on research, technological transfer and training in helping to build local capacity, especially within the Rastafari community."

The Joint Venture's initial task will be to document and verify the genetics of the Centre's preliminary plantings, as well as provide guidance in the development of appropriate standards and training methods for future activities.

United Cannabis' Chief Technology Officer, Tony Verzura, added, "We have worked in Jamaica for nearly two years. We have participated in economic conferences, educational workshops, visited local farms, judged the Rastafari Ganja festival, sponsored charity sporting events, and built strong relationships with the researchers at the University of the West Indies. Jamaica is in the midst of an economic transformation with new emerging business opportunities. I look forward to the opportunity to finally help restore genetics, cultivation practices, and begin our preclinical studies on Prana P1 thru P5 products with the Centre for Cannabis Research and the University of the West Indies."

Earnest Blackmon, Chief Executive Officer of United Cannabis, went on to say, "The University of West Indies is on the forefront of Jamaica's cannabis research efforts, where regulations provide an environment favorable to demonstrating the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine, which is also at the core of United Cannabis' business model. We are excited to join forces with Dr. Niaah's team in their effort."

Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson, Director of CRD, also commented on the announcement, "It is a great honor to be a part of the Rastafari Centre project. I was first exposed to the Rasta vibes back in 1995 in Jamaica, and one of the most memorable visits was in the late 90's when I first shared my water extraction process with Ziggy and some others in Orange Hill. Their demeanor and outlook on life had a lasting impression on me. I believe that CRD and the Rastafarian Council will be able to make some amazing strides in regards to some very important research that needs to be done, while simultaneously creating a model that produces monetary gain for the Rasta Centre and their projects."


UCANN/CRD was established following the approval by Jamaica's Cabinet and Parliament of an Amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act, providing for the decriminalization of the cultivation, production, possession and use of Ganja (aka cannabis) for medical, therapeutic, and scientific purposes within the country.

About CRD

Cannabinoid Research and Development Company Limited was founded by a small group of Jamaican cannabis advocates, with the cooperation of the Company, who felt that it was high time for, as said in Jamaica, 'freeing up the weed'. These desires were further buttressed by the government passing legislation to establish medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries in Jamaica. CRD salutes the small farmers and their sacrifices, who have paid the ultimate price of incarceration, persecution and the separation from loved ones. It is the spirit, hope, dreams and aspirations of these people that is embodied in the dream and justification for CRD today.

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