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Thunder Energies Corporation Chief Scientist Interviewed by American Freedom Radio on the Detection of Nuclear Weapon Materials

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 3:15 PM

TARPON SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2016 / Brian Buckley, Sales Manager of Thunder Energies Corporation (OTC: TNRG), a publicly traded company with OTC stock symbol TNRG, announced that its Chief Scientist, Dr. R. M. Santilli, had a second, two hour long interview by Dr. Carol Rosin, host of American Freedom Radio on the use of Thunder Energies low energy neutron source for the detection of nuclear weapon components that may be smuggled into our country in containers or suitcases (

Brian Buckley, states: "The main subject of the interview of Dr. Santilli by Dr. Rosin has been the use of Thunder Energies new source of low energy neutrons for the detection of components of nuclear weapons that could be smuggled within containers or suitcases for reassembly and detonation on our land. Dr. Santilli explained how, following numerous tests to date and suitable proper funding for the future, Thunder Energies is developing a safe Nuclear Weapon Detection Station (patent pending) that can be used by ports, airports and other locations in support of the excellent protection provided for us to date by Homeland Security. Thunder Energies new Nuclear Weapon Detection Station can also be used by our military abroad as well as for the first known enforcement of nuclear weapons treaties," (

Dr. Rosin stated: "Dr. Santilli is a most special icon in our time...who packs in this interview his decades of research and ideas that are a piece of new history that we need to create on our planet to control nuclear danger. I consider Dr. Santilli to be one of the most courageous, intelligent, living beings on this planet right now. There are incredible solutions and I think you are presenting pivotal information. We are in the midst of the highest stakes ever in terms of our survival. Thunder Energies Corporation new neutron source is a technology that is leading the way to bringing forward a whole new business, new mathematics and it's not about weapons, it's about use of the new neutron technology for our national security," (

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Brian Buckley
Sales Manager
Thunder Energies Corporation

SOURCE: Thunder Energies Corporation

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