Dr. Lane Sebring is Featured in an Interview on FiveHundo.com
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Dr. Lane Sebring is Featured in an Interview on FiveHundo.com

Monday, February 22, 2016 10:00 AM
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During the Interview, Dr. Sebring Discussed How He Got Started in His Career and His Interest in the Paleo Diet

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2016/ Dr. Lane Sebring, a doctor and founder of the Sebring Clinic and Paleo Pharmacy, was recently featured in an interview by FiveHundo.com. The website features interviews that are 500 words or less with some of the country’s top executives.

During the interview, Dr. Sebring answered a number of interesting questions about his work and his interest in the Paleo diet. People who wish to learn more about Dr. Sebring and his clinic in Wimberley, Texas are welcome to check out his website, DrLaneSebring.com.

When asked about his favorite books, Dr. Lane Sebring said while he has read plenty of great ones over the years, he is especially fond of those by author Loren Cordain. For example, he credits Cordain’s book The Paleo Diet with changing his life. Since reading the book and becoming an expert in this way of eating, Dr. Sebring has appeared at numerous events, including as a speaker at Paleo f(x).

As for his favorite type of Paleo food, Dr. Sebring said he cannot resist a delicious steak.

"I make one almost every night and for breakfast or lunch the next day I usually eat whatever was leftover," he said, adding that since he obviously adheres to the Paleo Diet, anything in that realm is good in his book.

When asked how he got started in his career, Dr. Sebring said he spent time in the Air Force to help pay for his education. He studied biology and minored in Spanish for his undergraduate degree before attending medical school at University of Texas Galveston.

By the mid 1990s, Dr. Sebring said he was working in a hospital and soon decided to take his patients and begin his own private practice.

"It was only a bit later where I decided to base my practice around the Paleo Diet and additionally start the Paleo Pharmacy, which is a place where my patients can go and get the supplies they need in order to live the Paleo lifestyle," he said. As for his predictions for the future, Dr. Sebring said he hopes that more people begin to use the Paleo Diet in order to help them live longer and healthier lives. "I think with that, life expectancy will increase along with quality of life for many people across the world."

About Dr. Lane Sebring:

Dr. Lane Sebring is a licensed doctor who is also the founder of the Sebring Clinic and Paleo Pharmacy. Learn more about Dr. Sebring at: http://drlanesebring.com/.


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Dr. Lane Sebring
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