Max Media Group is Expanding It's Partners and Stockholders

Max Media Group, Inc.

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Max Media Group is Expanding It's Partners and Stockholders

Thursday, February 4, 2016 7:45 AM

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2016 / is pleased to announce* the following consultant and partners: Frank Rubba, Jose, Indian Antao, Geordie Gillespie, and Jeffrey Salmon as stockholders in our Artists Owned Public company now forming in the Nation's Capital.

"The experience that each of these Individuals brings to the Avoz Family will allow us to rapidly expand the breadth and scope of our services including the new functions and responsibilities of being a Public company while allowing our internal team to stay focused on Distribution as a Service (DaaS)." Nelson Jacobsen, CEO.

*Individuals may elect on their own to put out additional information.

About AVOZ

Avoz is a District of Columbia LLC that operates Max Media Group, and is proud to be part of the District of Columbia's Techtainment Community and being the 1st truly Artists Owned Public company. Visit

About Altavoz

Altavoz is an independent, full-service entertainment distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital distribution, marketing and payment solutions. Altavoz is widely known for being distributor of record for the highly acclaimed "Goldenheart" project from Dawn Richard. To that end, Altavoz ensures artists and producers have access to a unique array of traditional and out-of-the-box distribution channels and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living – all with a social conscience via our Help Earth Foundation. Altavoz is a subsidiary of AVOZ, LLC (OTC - MXMI)

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