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Mohlman Financial's Jeffrey Mohlman Educates the Public about "The Safe Money Approach"

Tuesday, 05 January 2016 05:18 AM

Mohlman Financial


DAYTON, OH / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2016 / Mohlman Financial, a Retirement Strategy Group with more than 14 years of experience working in the retirement income business recently created a focus towards Safe Retirement Income Planning. Their commitment towards Safe Retirement Planning and the Safe Money approach to investing was prompted by a demand from both current and new clients, requesting a more calculated approach to planning how to draw income during retirement. "Over the past 14 years we have seen a significant amount of extremely volatile ups and downs in the worldwide stock market."

"Retirees have much more pressure on themselves today than they did 20 years ago with regards to their retirement income," says Bryan Pitstick, an independent broker at Mohlman Financial. Pitstick received a degree in Finance from the University of Cincinnati and has been working with retirees for several years. "In the past, a large number of retirees had company pensions to count on that is not the case as often now. In addition many retirees have the added pressure of expenses from their adult children such as outstanding college loans in which they co-signed or often helping raise their grandkids. These things, while important add an expense that was not expected when they planned for their retirement."

The Safe Money approach is a concept of investing through certain investment or insurance products which carry little or no chance at loss of principle. The Safe Money concept often does not involve any one particular method of handling retirement income and assets.

Although Equity Index or Fixed annuities can be part of the solution, they are certainly not 'the' solution. In addition, using equities and other market driven investments is not discounted or abandoned with this approach. "The approach is not to take the assets that someone has accumulated during their working years, liquidate them and deposit all of them into annuities or another insurance product. This defeats the purpose of the Safe Money approach as well as diversification," said Pitstick.

Instead, what is prioritized is acknowledging what percentage of assets that a retiree desires to have some 'protection' for which will create the desired income amount.

The benefit of using an Equity Index Annuity with an income rider or a Fixed Annuity approach is to transfer risk from the retiree to the insurance company on the monies that a client wishes to 'protect'. To build on that 'income protection' a focus is given to maintaining liquidity in other assets. Priority is given to having access to monies that are not subject to market risk and are not part of the account in which income is created.

Separating the liquid monies from the income account offer a retiree confidence that their source for emergencies is less likely to create a reduction in their retirement income. If you would like more information on the Safe Money approach visit today. Mohlman Financial does not make any guarantees at any time on any products that are used in a strategy. Any guarantees on income or other riders are solely based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

All investments carry with them some level of risk, even if transferred to an insurance company. Please read all sales material carefully before making any decision to purchase such a product.


Jeffrey Mohlman
[email protected]

SOURCE: Mohlman Financial

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