Veristream's iVisitor Supports Cisco NAS for Visitor Access to WiFi

Veristream, Inc.

Veristream's iVisitor Supports Cisco NAS for Visitor Access to WiFi

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 11:04 AM

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2015 / Veristream's iVisitor now integrates with Cisco NAS allowing visitors access to WiFi while onsite.

Veristream continues to enhance its secure online visitor management system, iVisitor, to meet the needs of customers across the globe. With this latest feature, multi-tenant buildings and corporate enterprises can automatically provide WiFi access to visitors when they check-in at the reception desk.

During the pre-registration process, hosts elect to grant visitors WiFi access during their visit through iVisitor's integration with a locally installed Cisco NAS. When the visitor arrives onsite and checks in, the visitor's unique WiFi credentials are issued by iVisitor providing seamless access during their visit.

"Visitors often need access to WiFi when visiting a property. Now that iVisitor integrates with Cisco NAS, the process of visitors gaining access is greatly simplified. Our focus is, and always has been, to be the leader in visitor management services and automation, doing everything we can to streamline the check-in process while providing upgraded functionality to our customers," states Curtis Hrncirik of Veristream.

Corporations, whether in a multi-tenant high rise buildings or on a corporate campus can improve the productivity of their visitors and contractors while at their location. Automating the provisioning of WiFi access seamlessly during the check-in process provides extra services to guests and enhances corporate brand. The integration of iVisitor with Cisco NAS WiFi not only provides secure access with unique credentials for each visitor, it also does this in an efficient and auditable process. IT personnel can now logon and individually expire or revoke user access. Visitors can now easily access the Internet from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to pull up documents, give presentations, send or receive email, and much more.

Contractors working onsite typically charge by the hour. Any tools that can improve their productivity will save companies and building management money. Providing WiFi access in a secure and traceable manner is a great solution to help improve efficiency throughout the building for all visitors. Just as visitors are pre-registered, when a contractor is pre-registered, the host can grant WiFi credentials. This new integration complements other iVisitor features such as automatic functions including checking each visitor against a "Do Not Admit/Watch List," and verifying that each contractor has a valid COI on file.

Automating visitor management is necessary and helps to increase the overall efficiency of the building by reducing the workload of security and reception personnel. Manually scanning each visitor against watch lists, verifying COI's, and granting individual network credentials is time consuming error prone and inefficient. In today's world, it is important that security teams are mindful of their surroundings, and these automatic functions allow the teams to remain focused on premises security.

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