Rockwell Trading Updates Day Traders with Monthly Tips, Techniques, Strategies

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Rockwell Trading Updates Day Traders with Monthly Tips, Techniques, Strategies

Austin, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2014 / Now a well-known name in the Austin business community, Rockwell Trading Services LLC is offering monthly 60-minute trading courses for day traders to keep updated with volatile markets. The mini trading courses are available to subscribing members of the Rockwell Trading Club.

These monthly courses available from rockwell trading inform both beginners and professional traders about which trading strategies are working now, in today's markets. With change and fluctuation constantly defining the trading markets, traders need to maintain current strategies, techniques, and tips. The markets tend to climb, drop, ebb, and flow over very short periods. Accordingly, the Rockwell Trading Club helps customers keep ahead of these changes with over 76 archived mini trading courses.

Markus Heitkoetter, owner and founder of Rockwell Trading, attributes the need for the mini trading courses to helping traders keep on top of crazy markets. He points to volatility and volume quickly rising and falling. Mr. Heitkoetter believes that the mini courses offered through the Rockwell Trading Club only help safeguard any trader's future interests and trading practices.

Members meet every month online to discuss trading strategies, tools, psychology, and other important aspects of trading. Most mini courses are one hour long, full of pertinent, high quality information for traders to use immediately. Providing the added benefit of live streaming, members attending these sessions can have their questions answered right away. For those that can't make it, the sessions are recorded and archived, viewable anytime on the Rockwell Trading website.

Topics covered during mini courses so far include roadmaps for trading success and how to avoiding common trading pitfalls. Additionally, several mini courses provide insight into trading strategies. Members can learn how to develop their own simple strategy, while also combining these tips with well-reputed strategies such as the Ping Pong Strategy, Seahawk Strategy, and Fibonacci Strategy.

Rockwell Trading is an educational company providing key tips and strategies for aspiring traders and investors. The company endeavors to simplify the complex trading world by offering DVD courses, consulting, workshop sessions, and eBooks with efficient, high quality day trading knowledge. With the advent of these new mini trading sessions, Rockwell Trading has expanded upon its reputation for practical and effective trading education. Many of the company's products and services are available for free, and most products for sale cost less than $100.

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About Rockwell Trading Services LLC

Markus Heitkoetter founded Rockwell Trading in 2005 following a career based in Munich, Germany working for IBM. He founded the company with the purpose of providing efficient, easy-to-understand day trading education to day traders all over the world. With a focus on short-term trading strategies, Rockwell Trading serves worldwide clients with an array of day trading educational materials.

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