SoOum Corp Reveals Deal Pipeline after Signing Merger Agreement with Swordfish (SWRF)


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SoOum Corp Reveals Deal Pipeline after Signing Merger Agreement with Swordfish (SWRF)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7:48 AM

SoOum Corp Reveals Deal Pipeline after Signing Merger Agreement with Swordfish (SWRF)

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2014 / Swordfish Financial Corp (OTCQB: SWRF) having nearly completed the reverse merger transaction with SoOum Corp announced SoOum's first transactions following the execution of the Merger Agreement.

SoOum previewed a portion of their trade book, reporting that they are working towards completing the following:

-Sugar (Buy - Malaysia/ Sell - Kyrgyz Republic)

-Powder Milk (Buy - Czech Republic/ Sell - Afghanistan)

-Health Drinks (Buy - Poland/ Sell - Netherlands)

-Carbon Steel Pipe (Buy - USA/ Sell - USA)

Also in the line-up are sausage casings, flour (wheat), mullet (seafood), live cattle, and bulk sugar.

SoOum currently holds a substantial trade pipeline with a potential revenue stream from certain contracts signed and in negotiations, including recurring transactions. For more information on transactions in process and in queue, visit the companies tracking page --

SoOum Corp is engaged in price discovery and arbitrage within physical commodities trading. It is an international operation with its main office in New York and satellites offices in Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Malta, and Egypt.

The CEO of SoOum, Will Westbrook shared their elegant and powerful operating statement:

'To detect the world's shortages and surpluses, and disintermediate

bureaucracy in physical commodities trade.'

SoOum's creation came about as the result of observing that 'direct arbitrage' was needed in the business of global commodity trade by a group of international experts with previous careers in the military, security, diplomacy, politics and finance. SoOum recognizes shortages and surpluses through an ever expanding, internet-based, global trade platform. It utilizes ground operations, and rigorous analysis of global data using proprietary algorithms and risk systems.

 For more information about SoOum Corp go to, and/or contact Rich Kaiser, Business Consultant, YES INTERNATIONAL, 757-306-6090 and/or [email protected].

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