Cerora, Inc. Announces Second Close in Seed Round of Financing


Cerora, Inc. Announces Second Close in Seed Round of Financing

Friday, August 1, 2014 11:15 AM

Supports Proprietary ‘Near the Field’ Objective Concussion Evaluation Technology

BETHLEHEM, PA / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2014 / Cerora, Inc., a StartUp Health /GE Healthcare Entrepreneurship program and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania company, today announced a second closing in its seed financing, bringing total funds raised in this round to just above $600,000. This funding will support the commercial launch of Qumpass(TM), the company’s first software product launching this month, and the further development of its Borealis(TM) hardware/software solution for delivering objective brainwave biosensor data to help evaluate concussions right ‘near the field’ of play and in schools for ‘Return-to-Learn’ decision making.  Investors in the second closing include The Brewer Group, Inc, Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. and Marvin S. Cadwell, an experienced health service executive.

"Objective data, rapidly provided near the athletic field would empower field clinicians evaluating concussions with a considerable diagnostic advantage over current assessment techniques," said Adam J. Simon, President & CEO of Cerora. "By empowering field clinicians with objective real-time brain health information, as opposed to subjective clinical impressions, Cerora will improve health outcomes for patients. With these investor commitments to Cerora in hand, our development and commercialization plans can now shift into high gear."

Cerora’s Borealis(TM) multimodal biosensor technology is designed to enable professionals to gather truly objective diagnostic information, which, along with neuropsychological performance data, self-reporting of symptoms, and additional biosensor-based measures, may lead to more accurate determinations. The Company also intends to develop applications of its Borealis(TM) technology for neurodegenerative conditions (such as cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease), developmental conditions (such as Autism), and other brain-affecting conditions where portable, rapid development of objective data can be critical to the early diagnoses that are key to improved patient outcomes.

About Cerora

Cerora is leading the way in the development and testing of the software and hardware technologies  (including the Google Glass platform), that will be needed to deliver critically important, objective, portable biomarker-based brain-function diagnostic information to empower health care professionals’ decisions. Located in the high-tech nexus at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s TechVentures on Lehigh University’s Mountaintop Campus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the company has assembled a team of experienced scientists and management professionals under the leadership of CEO Adam J. Simon, PhD, a noted physicist and globally-recognized brain biomarker expert.

For additional information please visit www.cerora.com .

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