Thousands of Athletes Abandon Old Stretching Techniques for New Stretching Method

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Thousands of Athletes Abandon Old Stretching Techniques for New Stretching Method

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 9:00 AM

New Kinesiological Stretching Techniques take over the athletic world with special flexibility exercises found at the newly launched site As a result, slow working, yoga-like relaxed stretches and dynamic stretches have finally met their match.

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2014 / Elasticsteel announces the launch of a new stretching method for athletes of all sports at Now, using new techniques, any athlete can become more flexible and drastically improve their skills.

Hosted by ElasticSteel, parent company of, the site features over 100 stretching and flexibility programs. These programs are designed for athletes or sport enthusiast who want to develop fast and pain-free range of motion and flexibility. ElasticSteel is a leader in sports conditioning and flexibility training in sport and fitness industry. programs feature a revolutionary new approach to flexibility training, called Kinesiological Stretching Techniques. These techniques work faster than previously available stretching exercises. Examples of previously used stretching include the relaxed stretches of yoga, the dynamic stretches of Track and Field, and Dance, and PNF (proprioceptiveneuromuscularfacilitation) often used in rehab and athletic settings.

Kinesiological Stretching Techniques completely avoid the pain of stretch reflex. Stretch reflex is what stops people from stretching the muscles due to pain and discomfort. These completely unique stretching exercises lengthen the muscles according to natural muscle patterns. These patterns are based on the science called kinesiology, hence the program’s name.

About ElasticSteel:

ElasticSteel, Inc was found by Paul Zaichik in 2005 to help athletes, coaches, teachers and trainers develop optimum strength, conditioning and flexibility programs. ElasticSteel offers a variety of books, DVDs, seminars and other services on the topics of optimum athletic performance. In 2014 thousands of professionals worldwide engaged in ElasticSteel techniques.

About Kinesiological Stretching Techniques and

Kinesiological Stretching Techniques were designed by ElasticSteel to enable users to become flexible and pain-free in a short amount of time. There are DVDs and seminars available on proper use and applications of kinesiological stretching techniques at  


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