Theralase CEO Interviewed by CBC TV about Progress in Anti-Cancer and Pain Research
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Theralase CEO Interviewed by CBC TV about Progress in Anti-Cancer and Pain Research

Thursday, June 5, 2014 6:59 AM
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Theralase Technologies Inc.

Roger Dumoulin-White talks to Amanda Lang about Theralase's strategy to deliver value to shareholders and patients

Toronto, Ontario / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2014 / Theralase Technologies Inc. ("Theralase") (TSXV: TLT) (TLTFF: OTCBB) announced today that CBC's senior business correspondent and anchor on The Lang and O'Leary Exchange, Amanda Lang, interviewed Theralase President and CEO, Roger Dumoulin-White about the Company and how the Company is breaking significant new ground in anti-cancer and pain management technology.

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Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase, stated, "My appearance on Canada's top business program confirms that Theralase is emerging as a major research and manufacturing company in two of the most important sectors of the healthcare industry - seeking a cure for cancer and alleviating pain. It is estimated that $91 Billion is spent on the war on cancer and $100 Billion on pain in the United States, annually.

For the last 20 years, Theralase has designed and manufactured patented therapeutic laser technology, which is used for the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing. Theralase has sold over 800 systems in Canada and over 400 systems in the US and international markets to licenced healthcare practitioners such as: medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic therapists.

Theralase has been so successful in healing nerve, muscle and joint conditions in clinical practice that Theralase's scientists decided to investigate a new application for lasers, the destruction of cancer. Theralase's anti-cancer technology focuses on using specially designed molecules called Photo Dynamic Compounds or PDCs that are able to localize to the DNA of cancer cells and then, when activated by light, destroy the cancer cells.

Theralase recently completed research that demonstrated that its PDC technology is not only able to destroy the primary tumour, but also discovered a "memory response" for the technology. In these animal studies, once the primary tumour was destroyed, repeated injections of cancer cells at a few weeks post-treatment, or even 10 months post-treatment, did not generate cancerous tumours and in fact prevented the recurrence of cancer.

Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase, stated, "Amanda Lang is extremely knowledgeable and understood the application and benefits of Theralase's therapeutic laser and anti-cancer technology for both the elimination of pain and the destruction of cancer, respectively. Our therapeutic laser technology has been clinically proven to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate tissue repair, healing millions of patient's nerve, muscle and joint conditions, effectively. We are very excited about the possibilities for Theralase's anti-cancer technology. If it shows the same efficacy in humans that it has in animals, then our PDC anti-cancer technology and the implications of this "memory response" discovery are nothing short of game changing for both Theralase and for cancer patients."

About The Lang and O'Leary Exchange:

The Lang and O'Leary Exchange is a Canadian business news television series, which airs weekdays on CBC Television and CBC News Network. Hosted by CBC's senior business correspondent Amanda Lang and entrepreneur/investor Kevin O'Leary, the series presents a summary of the day's major business stories in a manner similar to Lang and O'Leary's earlier Business News Network series SqueezePlay.

About Theralase Technologies Inc.

Founded in 1994, Theralase Technologies Inc. ("Theralase") (TSXV: TLT) (TLTFF: OTCBB) designs, manufactures and markets patented superpulsed laser technology used in eliminating pain and destroying cancer. Theralase technology is safe and effective in eliminating pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue regeneration of numerous nerve, muscle and joint conditions. Theralase is actively developing patented technology that is able to target and destroy cancers, bacteria and viruses when activated by light.

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