Small Cap Volume Leaders - BDLF, CHLO, and SMAK

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Small Cap Volume Leaders - BDLF, CHLO, and SMAK

Chicago, IL  1/8/2013 (Expedated)  –  Volume Leaders Crash 2013 Party in Small Stocks as Broadleaf (OTC:BDLF), China Logistics (OTC: CHLO) and Smack Sportswear (OTC:SMAK) all had big volatility and exceedingly large volume days in microcap trading.  See some information about these stocks below: 

Smack Sportswear (OTC:SMAK) - Bill Sigler, CEO of Smack Sportswear, was chosen as the first interview of 2013. The hosts spent much time discussing how the company grew from the sands of Manhattan Beach, CA in the mid 90’s, to the reasons for becoming a public company in Dec. 2012. Sigler also laid out plans for growth in 2013, which will be focused in 3 areas – innovative and unique designs in Team apparel, expanding distribution of Smack’s beach active wear, and growth in the Ecommerce portion of the business. 

Sigler also hinted at Smack’s appearance on upcoming TV show The Bachelor (on January 21), the state of volleyball and the business aspect of the sport.  Smack Sportswear is the leading brand of custom designed team and beach active apparel, with its primary focus on volleyball. Smack manufactures its Southern California inspired apparel in its headquarters, only five miles from the home of beach volleyball.

China Logistics (OTC:CHLO) – CEO guided revenues for 2013 to $30M sending shares higher the company said , “ Management believes China Logistics Group is well positioned to take advantage of these trends as the services it offers help companies reduce their overall transportation costs.  As a result management believes overall revenue for the company will reach $30 million for the full year of 2013. ” trading large volume. 

(CHLO) is an international freight forwarder and logistics management company, announced today that the Company’s outlook for its logistics operations in China for 2013 is improving. 

Over the past two years the logistics and freight forwarding industry in China has suffered from both a weakness in global demand as a result of the European debt crisis as well as a significant slowdown in the domestic economy.  During this time China Logistics Group has worked to diversify its client base and expand the scope of its services which includes receipt of goods, warehousing, transporting shipments, consolidation of freight, customs declaration, inspection declaration, multimodal transport, and combined large-scale logistics. 

Broadleaf (OTC:BDLF): Company Website and Yahoo Quote Click Here


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