Catalyst World Stock Fund and World Allocation Fund Celebrate 3 Years with 4 Star Morningstar Ratings

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08/21/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2014 / We are pleased to announce that the two global funds at Catalyst Funds are celebrating 3 years with 4 Star Morningstar Ratings*. Both the Catalyst/MAP Global Capital Appreciation Fund (CAXAX, CAXCX & CAXIX) and Catalyst/MAP Global Total Return Income Fund (TRXAX, TRXCX & TRXIX) seek to implement a value-oriented, bottom-up, catalyst-driven investment approach. Capturing less downside than their categories has contributed to each Fund's outperformance.

Access CAXIX Fact Sheet

Access TRXIX Fact Sheet

* CAXIX was rated 4 stars by Morningstar for the 3 year period ending 07/31/2014 out of 828 funds in the Morningstar World Stock Category for risk adjusted returns. TRXIX was rated 4 stars by Morningstar for the 3 year period ending 07/31/2014 out of 347 funds in the World Allocation Category for risk adjusted returns

As of July 31, 2014, the Funds had the following 3 year annualized return:

Catalyst/MAP Global Capital Appreciation Fund (CAXAX): 11.92%
Catalyst/MAP Global Total Return Income Fund (TRXAX): 8.64%

There is no assurance that a fund will achieve its investment objective.

The Fund's maximum sales charge for Class "A" shares is 5.75%. Investments in mutual funds involve risks. Performance is historic and does not guarantee future results. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate with changing market conditions so that when redeemed, shares may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. To obtain the most recent month end performance information or the fund's prospectus please call the fund, toll free at 1-866-447-4228. You can also obtain a prospectus at The advisor has contractually agreed to waive fees and/or reimburse expenses to maintain each Fund's total annual operating expense ratio at 1.30% (A & C shares) and 1.25% (I shares) excluding 12b-1 fees through October 31, 2014 (A & C shares) and October 31, 2015 (I shares). Gross expense ratios for the fiscal year ended 6/30/13 were 2.05% and 2.80% for Class A and C shares, respectively, for the Catalyst/MAP Global Capital Appreciation Fund and 1.98% and 2.73% for Class A and C shares, respectively, for the Catalyst/MAP Global Total Return Income Fund. 

Seeking an Alpha-Driven, Global Unconstrained Investment Approach

Both of our global funds seek to offer an alpha-driven, disciplined, value-oriented approach to investing through a bottom-up process unconstrained by geography or market capitalization. We implement a strict value discipline with a focus on margin of safety. We seek securities where there is a catalyst to unlock intrinsic value.

Catalyst/MAP Global Capital Appreciation Fund (CAXAX):

The Catalyst/MAP Global Capital Appreciation Fund is the World Stock version of our global strategy. We start with a universe of 14,000 to 15,000 global equities. We attempt to mitigate risk by identifying only those companies meeting our strict value standards and target only the best 40-65 names to be included. Another potential benefit this Fund offers is U.S. dollar diversification as we do not hedge our foreign currency exposure.

Catalyst/MAP Global Total Return Income Fund (TRXAX):

The Catalyst/MAP Global Total Return Income Fund is the World Allocation version of our global strategy. This Fund is benchmark agnostic. We have the ability to increase or decrease the fixed income and equity exposure based on market conditions. The Fund typically limits equity exposure to a minimum of 30%, or a maximum of 70%.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any investment strategy will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses. Past results are not an indication of future performance. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance date quoted. Investing in the Fund carries certain risks. The value of the Fund may decrease in response to the activities and financial prospects of an individual security in the Fund's portfolio. The Fund is non-diversified and may invest a greater percentage of its assets in a particular issue and may own fewer securities than other mutual funds. The performance of the Fund may be subject to substantial short-term changes. If a security sold short increases in price, the Fund may have to cover its short position at a higher price than the short sale price, resulting in a loss. There may be risks associated with the sale and purchase of call and put options. Investments in lesser- known, small and mid -capitalization companies may be more vulnerable than larger, more established organizations. The Fund invests in securities of foreign companies which are generally not subject to the same regulatory requirements and have different accounting, auditing and financial reporting standards from those applicable to U.S. companies. The Fund may invest in lower-quality, non-investment grade bonds rated Baa or lower by Moody's or BBB or lower by S&P (also known as "junk" bonds). Lower-quality debt securities involve greater risk of default or price changes due to changes in the credit quality of the issuer. These factors may affect the value of your investment. To obtain the most recent month-end performance data or the Fund's current prospectus, please call the fund at (866) 447-4228.

For each fund with at least a three-year history, Morningstar calculates a Morningstar Rating (based on a Morningstar Risk Adjusted Return measure that accounts for variation in a fund's monthly performance, including the effects of sales charges, loads and redemption fees), placing more emphasis on downward variations and rewarding consistent performance. The top 10% of funds in each category receive 5 stars, the next 22.5% receive 4 stars, the next 35%receive 3 stars, and next 22.5% receive 2 stars and the bottom 10% receive 1 star. (Each share class is counted as a fraction of one fund within this scale and rated separately, which may cause slight variations in the distribution percentages).

An investor should consider the Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing or sending money. This and other important information about the Catalyst Funds can be found in the Fund's prospectus. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. The Catalyst Funds are distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.

MSCI All Country World Stock Index is used to represent the equity market performance of developed and emerging markets.



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