Monday August 18th “My Life with My Dog” Remembered

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08/19/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Monday August 18th is scheduled to be "My Life with My Dog" Remembered. A day to honor the dogs that have been loved and that have passed.

Bloomington, Indiana, USA / ACCESSWIRE / August 18th, 2014 / Monday August 18th starts the week of “My Life with My Dog” Remembered. A day to honor the dogs that have been loved and that have passed. These dogs, these souls forever change their owners and others that have loved them. “My Life with My Dog” asks everyone to change his or hers social media picture to a dog that has passed as well release a yellow balloon into the air, purchase a yellow flower, or light a yellow candle. Yellow was selected as the official color for “My Life with My Dog” remembered, because it represents the color of honor. A color so rightfully deserved for these amazing souls that have passed through so many peoples lives and made everyone a better person. These dogs become companions, best friends, therapists, guards and a member of their families.

Please visit the facebook site to learn more about theses amazing dogs and the relationships and lessons they taught us all.

A few comments from our followers:

“I see you in the laughing antics of other dogs and miss you again. You made me laugh and smile and gave me a reason to get up many mornings when I didn’t want to. I learned from your outlook on life, sleep…wake up and play as many hours as possible…repeat.”

“Lisha Bell of Midnight. She was my 3rd birthday present. She spent 16.5 beautiful years on this earth. She crossed over the rainbow bridge in my arms. She was my best friend. How many dogs do you know that would fetch slippers? ”

“Dallas my boy, he lived to be 13 and we did everything together. I lost him 3,years ago. Always loved, never forgotten.”

“My Life with My Dog” is a social media facebook site that gives voices to dogs.

Visit  for more information.

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Name: Jessica Gize
Organization: My Life with My Dog


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