CTGX Mining, Inc. Announces the Promotion of Mr. Tom Alire as the New Chairman of the Board of Directors for CTGX Mining, Inc.

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07/29/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

CTGX Mining, Inc. Announces the Promotion of Mr. Tom Alire as the New Chairman of the Board of Directors for CTGX Mining, Inc.

San Francisco, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Jul 29, 2014 / CTGX Mining, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Mr. Tom Alire as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors for CTGX Mining, Inc. replacing former Chairman George Fencl. 

In making the announcement, CTGX President and CEO stated that: “We are pleased and excited to have Tom as our new Chairman of the Board of Directors because his executive level experience, leadership skills, understanding of politics & business in Mexico, and his influential business & political contacts not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America will be a tremendous asset and support to CTGX Mining in not only its initial project in Mexico but its expansion into other international countries as well throughout Latin America and beyond.”

Greg Trombley went on to state that “Tom additionally brings a mindset and strong business acumen that is dedicated to utilizing the latest in ‘green technology’ for the benefit of not only his company and shareholders, but for the benefit of the entire planet.  That is a win-win relationship and mindset of innovation which certainly resonates with CTGX Mining.”

Tom is currently the President & CEO of Energeia USA, Inc. a hi-tech “green energy” company involved in an advanced cold fusion technology that is taking on one of the world’s toughest challenges – affordable clean and renewable energy. 

Energeia USA’s focus is to develop a range of 10Kw to 200Kw power generators and power storage backup battery banks of 100Kw to 1Mw for both military and commercial application.

Tom Alire has over 35 years of experience in business leadership, strategic planning, operations and management at the senior executive level.  He was formerly was the Vice President and General Manager at Xerox Corporation.  Tom served as Executive Director and President for their Corporate Headquarters in Mexico City where he developed the company’s business strategies during the mid-1990s for Mexico and Latin America. 

Tom also served in Xerox’s Strategic Development World Wide with emphasis on North American and European Markets for Data Centers, Network, Electronic and Printing technologies along with market development. 

He was selected from the Executive ranks to attend Columbia University in their Executive Development Programs; and was also selected to be a key World Wide speaker on the Xerox Corporation’s “Future Strategic Initiatives for Clients” program in various countries around the world.  

Further, he served as Director of Development at ‘Great Minds in STEM’, a nonprofit company that focuses on educational programs for bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics awareness to inner city youth - inspiring them to become future scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

Greg Trombley further added in making the announcement that “Tom’s experience and success at ‘Great Minds in STEM’ is another aspect that will be of key importance and assistance to CTGX Mining in helping to also implement its social responsibility goals and programs for helping local citizens at its projects to benefit from CTGX’s presence beyond the jobs and added business that it will bring to a local community.”

Again, we are pleased to announce Mr. Tom Alire as the new Chairman of our Board of Directors.

Gregory R. Trombley
President & CEO


Source: CTGX Mining, Inc.


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