Car Carrier Fire – When The Worst Case Scenario Comes True

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06/17/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Even though damage like this during car shipping is extremely rare, it is still important to have proper coverage.


Los Angeles, CA, U.S. / ACCESSWIRE / June 17th, 2014 / At around 6pm, Allamuchy NJ firefighters were alerted of a car carrier on fire. Upon arrival, they found the car carrier and the 5 cars being transported, fully engulfed in flames. Firefighters were able to get the fire under control in about 15 minutes, but had to continue extinguishing hotspots for about an hour.

Initial investigations showed that a rear tire had caught fire, and the flames quickly spread.

The carrier truck and all 5 cars on board were totaled.

“In this specific case, thank goodness no one was hurt. Secondly, as rare, and unfortunate as these accidents are, they do happen. So, it ‘s important to choose a carrier that is adequately insured …and that the coverage is up to date. That’s not easy. Because customers don’t have access to every carrier’s insurance details. That’s why we augment the insurance coverage with our own 100% damage free guarantee. The customer who lost his vehicle in this fire was covered 100%. He is working with the carrier’s insurance adjuster, and we are in constant contact with him to make sure he is taken care of..” Said Michael Stickland, owner of Ship A Car Direct.

Even though damage like this during car shipping is extremely rare, it is still important to have proper coverage.

Mr. Strickland explains what to do in the event of discovering even minor damage:

“The single most important thing to do if a vehicle has even minor damage, is to note the damage on the final bill of lading report when the vehicle is received. The bill of lading is the report that the driver will fill out on pickup, denoting if there is any pre-existing damage. Any damage that occurs in transit must be entered on this report on delivery. Failure to do so could seriously hinder a damage claim, so we cannot stress this enough. Look over the vehicle thoroughly when received. The bill of lading is a document that releases the carrier of liability once signed at delivery.”

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