3DIcon Corporation - "Additional Information for Stakeholders Participating in the Management Briefing by Phone and/or Web"

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06/11/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

New York, NY / June 11, 2014 / 3DIcon Corporation (OTCQB: TDCP) today published a new blog post on The Chairman’s Blog, written by the Company’s CEO, Mr. Victor Keen. TheChairmansBlog.com is an exclusive online media publication that enables key executive officers a unique platform to share insights about their company and industry trends.

In the blog, Mr. Keen provides additional information on participation in the previously announced Management Briefing Meeting via phone or the web for stakeholders who are unable to attend in person. The 3DIcon Management Briefing will take place on June 19th at the Perkins Family Auditorium on the campus of The University of Oklahoma, Tulsa-Schusterman Center. Read the full blog post from Mr. Victor Keen on TheChairmansBlog.com (http://www.thechairmansblog.com/3dicon/victor-keen/additional-information-stakeholders-participating-management-briefing-phone-andor-web/).

About 3DIcon Corporation

3DIcon Corporation (the "Company", "3DIcon", "we", "us" or "our") is a developer of projection 3D display technologies. The Company's patented volumetric 3D display technology, CSpace(R), is being developed to produce 360-degree viewable, high-resolution, color images, and is intended for use in government and industrial applications such as air traffic control, medical imaging, automotive & aerospace design, geological visualization, weather visualization, battle space visualization, and cargo / baggage / people scan visualization. The Company also sells a software product, Pixel Precision®, a simple-to-use image creation / manipulation tool for engineers developing systems based on Texas Instruments' DLP(R) line of products. For more information please visit www.3dicon.net.

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TheChairmansBlog.com is an exclusive, online media publication where publicly and privately held firms alike share insights about their companies and industries. TheChairmansBlog.com enables upper tier management to discuss issues that are of importance to their stakeholders, shareholders, and interested parties in an informal environment. www.thechairmansblog.com 

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