(AUDIO ENHANCED) Alberta Oil is Not All Black! Sunora Foods Inc. (NSF:TSX.V) is a Food Oil Distributor whose Humble Roots have Grown Internationally: MarketRadio Episode #13

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06/04/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Calgary, AB / ACCESSWIRE / June 4 2014 / MarketRadio host Pat Beechinor visits with Steve Banks.

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Sunora Foods Inc. (TSX.V:NSF) has an exciting spring and summer on the horizon as it has landed a new US Midwest distribution agreement and as president and CEO Steve Banks explains, the company is reaping the rewards of 20+ years of hard work.

Topics of discussion include;

-How did such a modest beginning translate into such steady growth?

-Where do you source your seed bulk and what end-product food oils do you distribute?

-Sunora distributes an array of oil - what is the top demand?

-Who are your biggest buyers - is it supermarket chains? Restaurants? Oversees bulk purchasers?

-Where do you get your oil from when the Farmers aren't Farming?

-May 28th Sunora announced that Market2Market is now representing your interests in the US northwest - who is Market2Market and how big of a deal is that for you?

-Why did you take the company public?

-What is in store for Sunora this spring and summer?

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