(AUDIO ENHANCED) MarketRadio Episode #11: Jason Paltrowitz, Global Head of Business Development - OTC Markets. OTC MARKETS WANTS YOU! Why and Why You Should Care

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05/22/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Calgary, AB / ACCESSWIRE / May 22 2014 / MarketRadio discusses the OTC Markets' latest aspirations as it has re-defined its structure and is Open For Business for Venture-stage listings, domestically and abroad.

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On this latest edition of MarketRadio, host Pat Beechinor and Jason Paltrowitz discuss some key issues, including;

-How open is OTC Markets to these global allegiances and how many do you have now?

-The "Pink Sheet" have had a bad rap for bogus deals in the past - what has changed?

-OTC Markets has restructured: What kind of stock exchange is it now?

-Do Americans actually even care about small cap Canadian listings?

-What is the cost and process of Canadian companies listing or cross-listing on OTC Markets?

-As Head of Global Diversification at OTC Markets, what is an average day like for Jason Paltrowitz?

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