Level 3 Communications Posts Strong 1st Quarter and Forward Guidance

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05/01/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LVLT) – For an in-depth report on Level 3 Communications, Inc. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/LVLT

Shares of Level 3 Communications closed up 15.95% on nearly 7 million shares traded. The stock was one of the biggest gainers on the NYSE on Wednesday and hit a new yearly high of $43.50 during intra-day trading. The company posted better-than-expected first-quarter results and strong forward guidance.

NewLead Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: NEWL) - For an in-depth report on NewLead Holdings Limited follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/NEWL

Shares of NewLead Holdings closed down nearly 10% on Wednesday with about 20.7 million shares traded. The stock was one of the biggest decliners on the NASDAQ despite no significant news. Earlier in the month the company announced that it has previously signed a term sheet with a leading financial institution to provide 75% debt financing for two second-hand Panamax vessels for a total of $35M. The two vessels are expected to be delivered to NewLead's fleet within the next three months, subject to the receipt of the necessary financing for the balance of the purchase price.

Growlife, Inc. (OTC: PHOT) – For an in-depth report on Growlife, Inc. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/PHOT

Shares of Growlife Inc. closed up nearly 44% on Wednesday with about 26.4 million shares traded. The stock was one of the biggest gainers in the OTC market. The company announced an initial component of its GrowLife 2.0 go-forward plan with the creation of stronger governance policies at the Board level, the restructuring of Board compensation and the creation of guiding principles for the long-term growth of the company.

Medizone International Inc. (OTCBB: MZEI) - For an in-depth report on Medizone International Inc. follow: www.BullTrends.com/stockquote/MZEI

Shares of MZEI closed down 14.21% on a little over 1 million shares traded. The stock was one of the biggest decliners in the OTCBB market despite no news from the company. Medizone International, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells ozone disinfection systems in the United States.


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