Bay Market Net Details the Audi TT's New Design and Stronger Construction

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04/22/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

In response to an article published by Autocar, Bay Market Net, the largest single source partner for foreign blind rivet and engineered fastening product manufacturers selling in the US, discusses the construction of Audi's new coupe and its new design

Bohemia, NY / / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2014 / Bay Market Net, the largest single source partner for foreign engineered fastening product and blind rivet manufacturers selling in the United States, discusses the new design of the Audi TT, which is expected to be a lighter and stronger than its predecessors.

According to the article published by Autocar on April 8 titled, "The New Audi TT's Tech Secrets Revealed," the new Audi model features a "rethought construction," which is composed of a mixture of steel and aluminum. The car's new body will be approximately 50 kg lighter and 23 percent stronger due to its innovative construction. The article says it was constructed using 3,020 spot welds, 1,113 rivets, 44 punch rivets, 128 self-tapping screws, and 199 clinched joints.

"The architecture of the new model takes a much more pragmatic approach to hybrid construction by making use of the Volkswagen Group's pressed steel MQB platform," the article says.

Michael Eichinger, the vice president and COO of Bay Market Net, the leading partner for foreign blind rivet and fastening product manufacturers, says the new car's design is incredibly impressive and he attributes its strength to the use of over 1,000 rivets. "Whether you're constructing a bridge or car, rivets are one of the strongest types of fasteners on the market," he says. "While some adhesives work well to hold metals and other materials together, rivets are able to permanently affix metal to other structures. The fact that this car is stronger can definitely be credited to the use of rivets. If you're looking to build something long lasting, rivets are your best bet."

Bay Market Net is the largest single source partner for foreign manufacturers of engineered fastening products selling in the United States. Established by Bay Fastening Systems, Bay Market Net provides its services at no cost to the manufacturer including warehousing, inventory management, thousands of technical sales personnel, distribution logistics, and marketing to maximize product sales to the entire $15 billion United States market. Bay Market Net eliminates the risks foreign blind rivet and pop rivet manufacturers might face when establishing a foothold in the American market.

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