New Silicon Valley Start-up Funkyflick Revolutionizes Your Search for Movies by Taking You Beyond Your Typical Discovery Experience to a Truly Personalized Journey of Film and Content

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04/14/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

SANTA CLARA, CA / / ACCESSWIRE / April 14, 2014  Silicon Valley movie search engine company announces the release of a highly efficient and intelligent platform, greatly improving search results and user experience. The Funkyflick platform is driven by a former Google engineer's vision of an algorithm that leapfrogs the myriad of movie recommendation engines in the market today.

With the upward trajectory of online streaming of movies the door is open for a more personalized approach to consumer search. There are dozens of movie recommendation engines that recommend movies based on other films the viewer has seen before. Funkyflick does much more; it recommends a movie based upon your favorite book, other movie, TV show, interests, hobbies based upon ANY subject found in a variety of open data sources throughout the internet. The goal is to suggest to the user a wide cross-section of movies and videos covering as many concepts as possible to target personal results to the user.

The secret behind the curtain: Funkyflick goes beyond key word search. Using Wikipedia, user reviews, actual script dialog (as found in closed caption) as the database, the platform has the ability to read the meaning behind English text beyond just words to understand its true concepts and meaning. For example, if a user does a search based on "wisdom" as the key word, over a thousand movies which happen to mention wisdom will pop up. Funkyflick on the other hand will read the Wikipedia page about wisdom where it will find its history, philosophy, meaning to different cultures and religions and select movie recommendations and books which highlight the attributes of wisdom.

Funkyflick's implementation of its' unique algorithm provides for the ability to actually understand what you type that will enable finding movies or other videos you want to see far more quickly and targeted than you would with ordinary search programs that only use keywords to try to find what you want.

Funkyflick launched its beta version website in January 2014.  See for a movie experience. Full functional website is available third quarter 2014. IOS and Android mobile versions are still under development and will be launched first quarter 2015.

About the Company:

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara based Funkyflick Inc., provides a robust intelligent movie search and recommendation engine. Founded in 2013 Funkyflick is a culmination of technical research and development based on a dynamic algorithm developed by founder Bob Nuckolls.

Bob Nuckolls is a former Google senior engineer with a vision of how to find new movies to view without either having to scroll through endless lists of titles, depending on other people's opinions, or searching solely for movies by genre. There had to be a better way! So, he wrote a program that can actually read regular English text but does not use a simple search for keywords to determine whether a potential movie's description is similar. 

Contact: John Glass,, 805-444-4663 

SOURCE: Funkyflick Inc. 


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