Interview About the Rise of a Euro-Sino-Russian Superpower and Selected Resource Stocks

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04/07/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

April 7, 2014 / Rockstone Research's mining analyst, Stephan Bogner (Dipl. Kfm., FH), was recently interviewed by Brian Sylvester of The Mining Report (Streetwise Reports).

Stephan Bogner, who is also CEO of Swiss-based Elementum International AG, views the crisis in Crimea as the beginning of a larger global power shift east of the Atlantic. In this interview with The Mining Report, Bogner details what these shifting power dynamics will mean for the commodities market. And take heed — gold and silver may continue to make gains, but uranium, potash and rare earths are the true wave of the future. 

The interview can be read via the following link:

The following resource companies were mentioned by Mr Bogner in this interview: 

Cameco Corp.

Columbus Gold Corp.

Commerce Resources Corp.

Denison Mines Corp.

Fission Uranium Corp.

Gold Standard Ventures Corp.  

Golden Arrow Resources Corp. 

Impact Silver Corp.

Kapuskasing Gold Corp.  

Klondex Mines Ltd. 

Lakeland Resources Inc.

Newmont Mining Corp. 

NovaGold Resources Inc. 

NovX21 Inc.  

Pasinex Resources Ltd. 

Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. 

Western Potash Corp. 

Zimtu Capital Corp. 


SOURCE: Rockstone Research Ltd.  


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