Axxess Pharma Inc. to Sell Pain-Relief Products on U.S. Military Bases

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03/25/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Canadian nutritional supplement company AXXESS Pharma Inc.'s (OTC: PINK: AXXE), stock volume soared Mar. 24, with 1,415,087 shares changing hands, more than twice its three-month average volume of 591,595 shares.

Approved for Purchase

The volume break out comes on the heels of news that its TapouT line of Pain Relief and Muscle Growth products have been approved for sale in exchanges world-wide by a branch of the US active military and their families as well as retirees.

"This is the culmination of more than a year's hard work and we are extremely grateful to Acosta, one of the largest US distributors for making this happen," stated President of Axxess Pharma Dr. Daniel Bagi. "The Army and Air Force (AAFES) have 2,817 facilities in 30 countries, all fifty states and five US territories. These worldwide facilities include embassies and small bases where we have troops stationed-like in Sarajevo. Retail sales in their stores last year reached $9.2 Billion," he added.

AllStar Health Brands expects TapouT products to be well-received on military bases as the TapouT brand is popular with military personnel who embrace the toughness and dedication the brand represents.

On Mar. 24, SPLI's share price closed at 38 cents, down 7 cents from its closing price of 45 cents the previous day.

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Depository Trust Company Removes Chill on Anything Technologies Media Inc.

In other news, marketing company Anything Technologies Media Inc.'s (OTCPINK: EXMT) share volume also soared with 61,599,860 shares changing hands, more than twice its three-month average volume of 30,511,901 shares.

The sudden stock volume surge and 16.89% loss in share value is being fueled in part by the Placerville, Calif.-based company's announcement that Depository Trust Company (DTC) has removed a "chill" from its account.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

"The company received a letter from the DTC informing the company that it has removed its Chill on the company and that the company has fully complied with the DTC. This means that the DTC has resumed accepting deposits of the company and book entry transfer services electronically.  This will allow more brokerage firms to trade the security of the EXMT and will give more continuity and fluidity to the market," the Anything Technologies Media said.

On Mar. 24, EXMT's share price closed at 0.0187 cents, down 0.0038 cents, or 16.89, from its closing price of 0.0225 cents the previous day.

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Renamed Vapor Group Inc. Introduces New Vaporizer for Medical Marijuana

Meanwhile, Vapor Group, Inc., formerly AvWorks Aviation Corp. (OTCQB: SPLI) enjoyed robust stock volume Mar. 24, with 8,648,631 shares changing hands.

This comes on the heels of the Davie, Fla.-based automobile parts firm that morphed into a medical-marijuana accessory company announcement that it has developed a "unique dry herb vaporizer."

According to the press release, the company will begin marketing the new product nationwide under its "The Vapor" brand. Vapor Group says it believes that the new product, named "The Vapor Box TBH", will redefine the standard for all herb vaporizers sold today.

New Technology behind Vaporizer

"The Vapor Box TBH" vaporizes dry herbs by gently heating them with pure, heated air inside the heating chamber at a controlled temperature which is set to optimally vaporize an herb without burning it, as occurs with current vaporizers that all use heating coils. Using this new vaporization technique, the Vapor Box TBH delivers consistent vapor puff after puff, without the eventual "burnt" taste caused by harsh chemicals generated by burning.

"In addition, our Vapor Box TBH represents an unsurpassed value to our customers in that it has been designed to sustain a 10,000 hour work life, and is being manufactured to meet our high quality standards of reliability and thermal protection," Vapor Group Vice President and COO Yaniv Nahon, stated  in a written statement. "Moreover, we are also developing several additional vaporizers to bring to market in the near future," he added.

On Mar. 24, SPLI's share price closed at 39 cents, up 4 cents from its closing price of 35 cents the previous day.

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