mCig Inc.’s Share Volume Fueled By New Water Vapor Technology

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03/11/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Bellevue, Wash./Australian e-cigarette maker mCig, Inc.’s (OTCQB:MCIG) stock volume continued to soar  Mar. 10  with 6,591,942 shares changing hands, significantly higher than its  three-month average of 5,058,562 shares. 

The ongoing robust activity is probably being spurred in part by the company’s recent unveiling of its water-vapor technology and the general optimism regarding the eventual legalization of marijuana. On Feb 3, mCig unveiled VitaCig, Inc., mCig’s new product made by its wholly-owned subsidiary.

State-Of-The-Art Water-Vapor Technology

Taking the same approach applied to the marijuana industry, mCig said it decided to avoid direct competition with the ultra-competitive and highly fragmented nicotine-based eCig industry. Instead, mCig decided to develop a niche product by embracing the potential of eCig technology (the ability to easily vaporize pre-packaged liquids from a pocket-sized device) as a medical delivery device.

In the fall of 2013 the company began quietly working on the new product codenamed: "Vita".

“We incorporated a new subsidiary: VitaCig, Inc. trademarked the name "VitaCig", and developed the "VitaCig" - a nicotine-free eCig that delivers a water-vapor comprised of vitamins, nutrients, and natural flavors,” mCig’s CEO Paul Rosenberg said, in a written statement.

As far as mCig is aware, a product comparable to VitaCig does not exist on the market. The company believes that VitaCig could cannibalize both the existing eCig market as well as the e-Hookah markets by providing a superior, enjoyable experience without the nicotine or overly sweet flavors. It believes the product will appeal to a wide market including: Smokers looking to quit, Smokers looking to reduce nicotine consumption, non-smokers, and rehabilitation patients suffering from illnesses.

“With the mCig we developed a brand that immediately disrupted the vaporizer market. With VitaCig we are hoping to disrupt the eCig market,” Rosenberg said. “At this stage, it would be foolish to compete head on with the major tobacco companies who are embracing electronic cigarette technology and rolling out nicotine based products,” he added.

On Mar. 10, MCIG’s share price closed at 68 cents, down 7 cents from the share price of 75 cents the previous day.

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No Timeline yet On The Hemp Nation

In other news, since Resource Ventures Inc. (PINKSHEETS: REVI) announced Feb. 12 that it had entered into a joint venture to publish The Hemp Nation Magazine with Hemp Inc. (OTCPINK: HEMP), there still has been no update on when the magazine’s first issue might hit the newsstands or be online.

According to the original announcement, Silverado, Calif.-based Resource Ventures will print the magazine while Hemp, Inc. said it will produce and edit all content for the industrial hemp magazine. It is anticipated that hemp paper will be used for at least some of the material for publishing the magazine, including the cover.

There has been at least one additional press release mentioning the magazine, but no specifics on where and when it will be delivered.

On Mar. 10, REVI shares closed at 0.038 cents down 0.0013 cents from its closing price of 0.0393 cents the previous day.

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Growlife Inc. Completes First GIFT Transaction

Finally, Growlife Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT) share volume was robust Mar. 10, with 47,320,438 shares changing hands, significantly higher than its three-month average of 42,840,812

The Woodland Hills, Calif. holding company that supplies equipment for legal marijuana growers  share volume and value  has risen on Mar. 10 news of the completion of its first GIFT transaction with CMMS, Inc., known better in the Colorado mountain ski communities as LEAF Aspen and Fat City Test Kitchen.

The GrowLife Infrastructure Funding and Technology program (GIFT) allows fully-licensed and compliant growers and dispensaries in well-regulated cannabis markets to spread the cost of infrastructure builds over time. The GIFT program is intended to facilitate near term infrastructure needs paired with long term exclusive supply relationships for the expendables required by fully licensed growers and dispensaries.

Growlife’s share value initially rose Feb. 7  when Growlife announced that a majority of its stockholders preliminarily approved a provision that would allow the company to increase the number of its authorized shares of common stock from 1 billion to 3 billion. 

No Initial Dilution of Shares

In the surprise announcement, Growlife also said the increase in shares does not “immediately dilute” the current issued and outstanding share count. The company also pointed out that the provision was approved by 88.2% of the shares entitled to vote on the sole proposed item.

Some industry experts contend this move will give Growlife the money it needs for expansion. Others are puzzled by the action and are not sure what effect it might have long term on the company’s current shareholders.

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Developing Various Cannabis-Related Markets

Even so, Growlife has been positioning itself in the medical marijuana industry by developing various markets and deploying new products and services in them for months.

For example, one of its recently acquired companies makes hydroponic grow containers, which are designed to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in any environment. The company appears to be vigorously considering every possible angle and service to capture its piece of the legal cannabis pie.

On Jan. 31, Growlife announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with RXNB Inc. by purchasing a 40% equity stake in the company. Growlife plans to distribute RXNB ‘s proprietary technologies globally and share profits related to technology licensing, subject to the approval of the GrowLife its board..

RXNB is an investment company with holdings in drug formulation, manufacturing, and distribution. The company represents a recent roll-up of several independent companies in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market. RXNB has numerous pending patents in the field of THC research and development. RXNB has a portfolio valuation of $110 million dollars and approximately $27.5 million dollars in annual revenue.

On Mar. 10, PHOT shares closed at 46 cents down 2 cents from its closing price of 37 cents the previous day.

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