Nintendo’s Top and Bottom Lines Being Hurt by Popularity of Mobile Games

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03/06/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Popular mobile games being made for android and Apple are hurting the onetime king of the hill game maker Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s (OTCPINK: NTDO) top and bottom lines.

In the last nine months of fiscal 2013, Nintendo’s revenue fell 8.1%, while its net income fell by 29.9%.

Some industry experts believe Nintendo could reverse this trend by (1) jumping into the mobile game fray, (2) buy its game-making rival Sega and (3) make games for other competing game platforms.

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So far, Nintendo has remained silent on it plans to recapture the game business it is lost and is losing.

Analysts’ Consensus

Of the 19 Analysts that cover Nintendo, 1 recommends a “buy,” 2 and “outperform,” 8 a “hold,” 6 an “underperform” and 2 a “sell.” 

On Mar. 5, NTDOY’s share price closed at $15.28, down 28 cents from its closing price of 15.56 the previous day.

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Fourth-Quarter 2013 Financial Results

Meanwhile, L'Oreal Co. (OTCPINK: LRLCY) stock volume soared, with 70,515 shares changing hands, significantly higher than it three-month average volume of 64,413 shares.

The surge in volume is in part due to the positive highlights of the cosmetic maker’s Q4 2013 financial results.

Here are some of the highlights:

- The new markets have, since 2012 become the leading geographic area for the Group accounting for nearly 40% of revenue that is more than twice the level in 2000, which was 19%.

Revenue per business line, L’Oreal is seeing strong balanced growth for all of our business line this year again, a strong performance in skin care up 7.5% excellent performance for makeup and hair care.

P&L, this is significant growth in profit from operations, as you can see on the screen, up by more than 40 points, reaching 16.9% of revenues that is a record year.

- Gross profit comes to 71.3% of revenue versus 70.7% in 2012, which is a 60 points improvement. This improvement is the result in particular of the number of positive impacts, better cost price and product mix and also forex.

On the negative side, the consolidation of U.S. companies Urban Decay consolidated into L'Oréal Luxe and also Emiliani which is now part of the Professional Products division. These two consolidations have had negative impacts.

Research costs have increased from 3.5% to 3.7% as a percentage of sales or rather revenue growing 8.4%. This increase reflects the Group’s unwavering determination to support its research and innovation investment.

A&P expenses comes to 30% of sales, which is close to the 2012.


On Mar. 5, LRLCY’s share price closed at $33.33, down 31 cents from its closing price of 33.64 the previous day.

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Need More than Bitcoin Magic

Just the mere mention of the magic buzzword “Bitcoin” can ensure a spike in a penny stock’s volume for at least a day or two.

3D Eye Solutions Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY) stock volume soared Mar. 5 with 51,296,057 shares changing hands.

The sustained volume seems to be tied to a shareholder update the Cheyenne, Wyo.-based 3D media company released Mar. 3, which announces the company’s entry into the elusive and murky digital Bitcoin arena and its progress in its search for a CEO.

Bitcoin and CEO Search

Here’s an excerpt:

“The company would like to further explain our expansion into the Bitcoin/Digital Currency marketplace.

The company is currently developing an untouched area of the Bitcoin marketplace. We will be fully updating our shareholders on the complete concept within a week. We are also in final negotiations with our finalist CEO, whom has more than 20 years senior level management experience in the software industry and ties to the Bitcoin arena.

3D Eye Solutions Inc. has embarked on the development of a proprietary cell phone application that will enable users to purchase, wallet and spend Bitcoins. This venture will be based on the usage of pre-paid cell phones as a platform and pre-paid phone cards for funding purchases. In conjunction the company is developing an RFID processing system to use at point of sale, which will revolutionize and simplify Bitcoin processing for merchants and consumers. The company believes this will bridge the gap in portability and ease of use. This has the potential to greatly increase the digital currency audience.”

On Mar. 5, TDEY’s share price closed at 0.0021 cents, up 0.0003 cents from its closing price of 0.0018 cents the previous day.

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