The “M” Word Redefines and Revives Alternative-Energy and Exploration Companies

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02/20/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

The "M" word, better known as marijuana that's legal, is breathing new life into alternate energy and oil exploration penny stocks that were once dead in the water.

Marijuana Gold Rush

Bayport International Holdings, Inc. (OTCPINK: BAYP) stock volume skyrocketed Feb. 19, 2013, with 766,429,531 shares changing hands, 18 times its three-month average volume of 42,412,201 shares.

This gargantuan surge in volume comes as a result of the Tulsa, Okla.-based gas-and-oil exploration company’s Feb. 18 announcement that it was getting into the legal marijuana business.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Bayport Medicinal Research, Inc. was recently incorporated in Colorado with the sole intention of acquiring a business or businesses specifically in the medicinal and legalized marijuana sector. To date we have identified several businesses currently for sale which would fit into this segment of the company.

The next stage is due diligence, determining if the sales price vs earnings will substantiate this move, etc. We anticipate that we will receive this information from the sellers forthwith, as these businesses are currently for sale, and would provide an easy transition into Bayport International Holdings, Inc. and for Bayport to transition into the medicinal and legalized marijuana sector.”

All Roads Lead To Marijuana

Bayport International is just the latest company to take its focus off its core business and head for the marijuana gold mines, still to be created. Yet, when you look at the latest annual report the company released Feb. 10, you begin to understand why legal marijuana might seem more appealing than it current operation.

According to the report, Bayport International only has $1,387 cash on hand with current assets of $9,291. Its current liabilities are $165,000 with yearly revenue of $6,000 and a yearly net loss of $102,000.

On Feb. 19, BAYP shares closed at 0.0021 cents down 0.0005 cents from its closing price of 0.0026 the previous day.

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Biodiesel Company Chases Marijuana  

Extreme Biodiesel, Inc. (OTC: XTRM) stock also soared to new heights, with 89,740,674 shares changing hands, more than 10 times its three-month average volume of 8,045,077 shares.

There is no doubt that this extreme volume was fueled by the magic “M” word. In a Feb. 19 release, the once Biodiesel company based in Corona, Calif. announced its big plans for getting into the medical marijuana business too with its wholly owned subsidiary, XTRM Cannabis Ventures.

Grand Plans

Here’s a snippet from the release:

“[Extreme Biodiesel] would like to develop the 40 acres to house up to five 20,000 square foot warehouses for indoor cannabis (marijuana) plant growth, 20 acres for outdoor hemp cultivation for biodiesel, and an industrial center to process the marijuana/cannabis into smokeless products,” the release explains, with excitement dripping from every word.

While this might sound good to the untrained ear, it sound like hype because there are no specifics in the release explaining how little inconveniences such as financing and licensing will be accomplished. Nor is there any information on where Extreme Biodiesel stands with its, well - core products it has touted before the “M” word came into fashion.

Abysmal Financial Record

Let’s hope that if Extreme Biodiesel should someday actually get up and running in the legal-marijuana business, its numbers look a lot better than its financials ending September 2013. 

At that time, Extreme Biodiesel had $2,000 in cash and about $22,000 in current assets. It registered $653,000 in current liabilities and $16,000 in revenues, with a $45,000 net loss.

On Feb. 19, XTRM shares closed at 6 cents unchanged from its closing price of the previous day.

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Expanding Its Presence in Canada

Hawaiian beverage company KonaRed Corp. (OTCQB: KRED) announced on Feb. 14  it is expanding its presence in Canada, as its 16oz. KonaRed Original is beginning to make its way onto the shelves in more than 80 Save-On-Foods stores.

Save-On-Foods is part of the Overwaitea Food Group (OFG), Canada's largest Western grocery chain and operates more than 120 stores under the Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Urban Fare, Cooper's Foods, and PriceSmart Foods brands.

Solid, Tangible Product

This latest marketing move seems to show that KonaRed’s health beverages are gaining popularity and traction. However, it’s not a lock yet, so be careful and do your due diligence.

Its latest financials released in September of 2013 don’t paint a great picture, but they are not totally bleak either.

KonaRed had $119,000 in cash at hand with $629,000 in current assets compared to $1.2 million in liabilities. It generated $738,000 in revenues and chalked up a net loss of $266,000.

On Feb. 19, KRED shares closed at 72 cents up 2 cents from its closing price of 70 cents the previous day, volume of 607,086.

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