Cannabis Fever Transforms Bio-Energy Company into Medical-Marijuana Provider

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02/18/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

The ongoing legalization of medical marijuana in various states is acting like a magic wand that is instantly transforming various penny stock stocks from technology and energy companies into brand-new cannabis service providers.

From Biodiesel to Medical Marijuana

Alternative Fuels Americas Inc. (OTCQB: AFAI) stock volume soared Feb. 14, 2014, with 1,162,004 changing hands, nearly three times more than its three-month average volume of 421,998 shares.

The robust volume is most likely being sparked by the Hollywood, Fla.-based bioenergy company turned marijuana company’s latest press release of Feb. 11.

In the release, Alternative Fuels said that its subsidiary Marijuana Holdings Americas Inc. is pursuing its first licensing arrangements in Oregon.

Seeking Medical Marijuana Licenses in Oregon

Oregon has just recently released rules for its licensed medical marijuana facility program, with the application process set to begin March 3, 2014. After consultations with Oregon based legal counsel, the Alternative Fuel’s current plans are to pursue more than one licensed operation in Oregon, through a wholly owned Oregon domiciled subsidiary.

In its latest quarterly filing, Alternative Fuels reported that it had 164,246 in assets compared to $1,310, 718 in liabilities.

On Feb. 14, AFAI’s share value closed at 18 cents, up 3 cents from its closing share value of 15 cents the previous day.

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IMD Companies Inc.   (OTCPINK: ICBU) is yet another company that has transformed itself into a provider of services for the medical marijuana industry. 

In IMD’s case that means providing information about the various kinds of medical marijuana, so a user of the product will be able to make a more educated purchasing choice.

Hired an Engineer

In its latest unimpressive press release of Feb. 11, IMD Companies goes into how it has hired and engineer to roll out its new marijuana-information products.

Here is a snippet:

“IMD Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICBU) and Anything Technologies Media Inc. (OTC:EXMT) are pleased to announce that they have hired a new software engineer to continue development for R-Quest Hydroponics EMC-5000 master controller system.,” the release stated.

Is it just me, or is this announcement a little like a new restaurant telling its patrons waiting in line outside the door that it just hired a chef?

According to its latest quarterly report filed, IMD Companies has no earnings and has assets of $775,975.73 compared to liabilities of $1,120,645.5.

On Feb. 14, ICBU’s share value closed at 11 cents, down 1 cent from its closing share value   of 12 cents the previous day.

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Would-Be Marijuana Service Providers

Intelligent Living Inc. (OTCQB: ILIV) stock volume continued to shoot through the roof Feb. 14, 2014, with 430,710,368 shares changing hands, more than eight time more than its average monthly volume of 50,991,036 shares.

It’s difficult to say what has triggered the volume of this Miami-based developmental stage company that wants to produce various cannabis-based products. There is very little concrete news other than several wordy and winding press releases on letters of intent.

New Pillbox App

On Feb. 14, Intelligent Living announced its newest intelligent digital pillbox app, “apPill Box XL(TM),” which is now available for download to users of Android smartphones. The app reminds people to take their pill and gives them other directions their doctors may have included.

On Feb. 7 it issued a “clarification to shareholders concerning Intelligent Living’s Letter of Intent with Green Roads of Florida LLC”

Here’s a little bit more:

“As initially outlined as part of the roadmap for 2014 released late last year, this acquisition exhibits further execution of the ILIV strategy to unveil innovative products within our Core Operating Area (COA) of health and wellness products and is complementary to our earlier acquisition of This acquisition would clearly strengthen our position going forward to be a leading ecommerce retailer of health, wellness and alternative formulas. These natural bioactive CBD compounds have health promoting and medicinal properties. These two product lines are synergistic and complementary in nearly every respect.”

Nothing Concrete

The problem with such press releases is that they are strong on intentions and potential, but short on specifics, such as: What specific products are you going to produce. Are there any orders? What is the time line for a product roll out?

Maybe time will tell.

On Feb. 14, ILIV’s share value closed at 1 cent, unchanged from its closing share value the previous day.

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Mysterious Mining

Meanwhile in the mining sector, Gold Coast Mining Corp. (OTC Pink: GDSM) stock volume skyrocketed on Feb. 14, with 385,721,760  shares changing hands, nearly five  times more than its three-month average volume of 84,515,587 shares.

Cryptic Press Release

The spiking volume of the Wilton, Ct.-based mining company could be tied to a cryptic press release distributed on Feb. 11:

Gold Coast is now in negotiations with the owner of several producing natural gas wells, the release explains. If successful, the wells would be acquired with debt/seller financing allowing the seller to have a "purchase money" security interest, according to the release. This protects the seller should the judgment holder, Gelpid, attempt to foreclose on the asset, while providing the company a revenue producing asset. The negotiations are moving forward and the company will be providing frequent updates, the release added.

Gold Coast Mining’s CEO Michael Shea said, “Gelpid realizes that in order for its judgment to have value, the Company must create value and we continue to explore a workable solution. In fact, one of Gelpid's principals has a private company (in the "hot" sector) that he would like to take public. I have offered to establish a subsidiary of Gold Coast, which would be spun out, to allow this to happen.”

Shea further commented, "Regardless of my ethical beliefs of this 'sector,' I would be willing to entertain this idea for the good of the company."

Some investors or potential investors might have trouble with Shea’s last statement.

On Feb. 14, GDSM share value closed at 0.0008 cents, down 0.0002 cents from its closing share value of 0.001 cents the previous day.

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