Provillus hair regrowth product claims to regrow hairs in weeks without any negative side effects

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02/18/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Provillus is all the natural hair regrowth product. The manufacturers claim that the product is prepared with the natural herbs and promotes the hair regrowth within a few weeks with no negative side effects. The claims about the product are backed by the clinical studies

ProvillusThe manufacturers of Provillus hair regrowth treatment claim that the product is effective enough to prevent the hair loss and promote the hair regrowth within few weeks without any negative reactions in terms of side effects.

Clinical studies illustrate that the baldness in men is usually the genetic problem which transfers from one person to another in a family. However, in women, the hair loss is usually caused by the hormonal imbalances, serious health issues, heavy medications, and hereditary. The website illustrates "Hair loss stems from both genetic and hormonal causes. Androgenetic Alopecia or "male pattern hair loss" is implicated in 95% of hair loss cases.

The official website of the Provillus states that the claims about the product are backed with the clinical studies which illustrate that Provillus is the highly effective yet the 100% safe hair regrowth product available for purchase. Many customers have also posted the reviews about the product which verify these claims.

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The key is a hormonal byproduct called DHT (dihydrotestostrone). The more amount of the DHT in the body causes the hair follicles become thinner and finer until the hair is permanently lost." The website further illustrates "DHT hormone is essential at an early stage of life but however it becomes the main cause of hair loss."

The official website of Provillus states that the product is designed with the natural herbs to control the DHT production over the hair scalp to prevent the hair loss. The product is composed of daily supplement and a hair regrowth spray. The manufacturers of the product claim that the product blocks the DHT formation over the scalp and provides the body with essential nutrients to prevent the hair loss and promote the hair regrowth.

The hair follicles receive these nutrients from the body and become strong enough to survive against DHT. This process makes the DHT weaker and weaker and ultimately eliminates it. The product is prepared by utilizing the natural herbs; therefore it is 100% safe and has no side effects.

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