Apple’s Share Price Recovers While Facebook Adds 50 New Gender Options

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02/15/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

Apple, Facebook and Google have been busy this week breaking new ground in share recovery, gender politics and a deal that will bring more traditional advertisers to the table.

Apple’s Stock Bounces Back

What a difference 10 days makes.

On Feb 13, 2013 Apple Inc. (NASDAQDS: AAPL) share price closed at $544.43, up $8.51 cents, from the previous day’s close of $535.92.

This is a far cry from APPL share value of $501.43 ten days ago.

The nose dive 10 days ago was sparked in part by negative comments from billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who piled on with others criticizing disappointing iPhone sales and Apple’s propensity to hold on to what Icahn believes is too much cash that should instead be lining the pockets of investors like him. Although Icahn’s plan for Apple to deplete its surplus has great short-term appeal for investors, it could weaken one of the most successful companies in history’s long-term plans.

Negative Buyers

At the same time Icahn wailed about Apple’s perceived problems, he bought another $550-million shares. Note: Actions speak louder than words. Meanwhile, a background mantra has been growing louder which says Apple is no longer as creative as it once was because current CEO Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, the late founder of the tech giant. Yet, Apple is creative enough to try and design a hitherto unknown battery technology to power its soon-to-be-released smartwatch.

New Products Growing

It’s only been a few months ago since Apple unveiled its one-pound iPad air and well-received Macbook Pro. As we have reported the company is also talking about releasing a smartwatch and a new iPhone with a larger screen that when released will probably spark winding lines around every Apple store on this planet. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s massive selling infrastructure, capable of selling apps, eBooks and iTunes has massive room for expansion while others try to reinvent Apple. And don’t forget, its chief rival Samsung is still reeling from recent patent infringement court cases it lost against Apple.

Analysts’ Consensus

Of the 35 analysts that cover Apple, 24 recommend a “strong buy,” 4 recommend a “buy” and 7 recommend a “hold.”

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Adds New Gender Options

On Feb 13, Facebook  Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) added 50 new gender options in addition to male and female, according to CNN Tech.

Instead of just designating themselves a male or female, now users can select such options as “transgender,” “cisgender,” gender fluid,” “intersex” or “neither.”

Privacy Advocates Up In Arms

In other news, Facebook privacy policies and its August settlement in a class-action lawsuit on these issues are once again coming under attack.

The nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen on Feb 13 said it is filing a legal brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, in which it will contend that the settlement violates the laws of seven states, including California and New York, by failing to require Facebook to receive explicit permission from parents before using the personal information of teenage users in advertising.

According to the New York Times, Facebook defended the settlement. None of this seems to be having an effect on FB share price.

Analysts’ Consensus

Of the 34analysts that cover Facebook, 28 rated it a “strong buy,” 4 rated it a “buy” and 2 rated it a “hold.”

On Feb. 13, FB share price closed at 67.33 up $2.88 from the previous day’s close of $64.45.

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comScore Deal Good for Google

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) signed a significant advertising deal, which will help the search-engine giant snag more major and traditional advertisers.

By incorporating comScore’s new campaign tracking technology into its product, Google’s advertisers will now be able track their results on a truly granular level. This simply means in plain English that the big advertisers that have shied away from advertising on Google will be able to pinpoint which ads are bringing them business. They will be able to calculate return on investment instantly, which means they will begin spending more of the $300 billion they spend offline with Google.

On Feb. 13, GOOG share price closed at $1,199.59 up $12.90 from the previous day’s close of $1,186.69.

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Approves Stock Options

On Feb. 13, Medallion Resources Ltd (OTCQX: MLLOF) share price closed at 18 cents, unchanged from the previous day’s close.

There is little new to report about this Vancouver-based mineral acquiring company other than the specifics of its exercise and granting of stock options, which it announced on Feb. 13 in the following release.

“Medallion Resources approved a grant of stock options covering 420,000 shares at an exercise price of 20 cents per share for a period of five years to directors of the Company. These options effectively replace the 420,000 directors' options which were due to expire in January 2014. The expiring options have been exercised in full for total proceeds to the Company of $63,000.

Medallion has also approved a grant of 100,000 incentive options to the principals of Hamza Thindal Capital Corp., the Company's investor relations firm, to purchase shares of the Company at a price of 20 cents share, for a period of five years. These options are subject to vesting on the basis of 25% after the first three months and 25% every quarter thereafter until fully vested. All stock option grants are subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange").

The Company also reports that further to its news release of December 9, 2013 it has now completed the shares for debt settlement and issued 236,250 shares to Euro Pacific Canada Inc. such that the debt related to the previous corporate-finance services agreement is extinguished. The shares have a hold period until April 23, 2014.”

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