Chinese Eye New Technology That Takes Water from the Air: Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB: OGNG), Well Power Inc.’s (OTCQB: WPWR), Suburban Minerals Corp. (OTC Pink: SUBB)

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02/12/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

A new technology that takes water from the air then filters it for reuse has caught the eye of a Chinese manufacturer. 

On Feb. 12, Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) reports that it is in talks with a potential manufacturing partner in China to manufacture its home and office units that could help China and other countries overcome their  water shortages.  

The Patchogue, NY-based company owns the rights on the atmospheric “Water Harvester” that extracts moisture from the air using a dehumidification process. The unit then uses a series of filters and Ultra Violet Light to purify and store the water produced for human consumption. 

Cost Effective  

Bravo Enterprises specs show that a commercial/industrial unit that can produce up to 11,356 liters a day of safe drinking water.  Industrial and commercial units are intended for use in resource and military camps, beverage factories, hotels, and humanitarian and disaster relief applications where fresh drinking water is unavailable, scarce or very expensive.

The cost to produce and filter the water using its machines is as low as 3 to 8 cents per gallon, depending on location, fuel and electrical costs. 

Chinese Water Shortage Compound by Pollution

Meanwhile a lack of water in China is compounded by the high levels of water pollution. Hu Siyi, vice minister at the Ministry of Water Resources stated in 2012 that up to 40 percent of China's rivers were seriously polluted after 75 billion tons of sewage and waste water were discharged into them. He also said that about two-thirds of Chinese cities are "water needy" and that nearly 300 million rural residents lack access to safe drinking water.

A 2013 report from the Geological Survey of China stated that 90% of the country's ground water is polluted. Estimates from the Ministry of Environmental Protection say that the water from approximately 25% of China's major rivers is so polluted that it couldn't be used for industry or agriculture. According to the Ministry of Supervision there are approximately 1,700 water pollution accidents annually resulting in almost 60,000 premature deaths annually.

As the talks move forward, we will keep you updated.

OGNG shares closed at 11 cents down 1 cent from its closing price of 10 cents the previous day.

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New Micro-Refinery Technology

Meanwhile, on Feb 11, energy technology Well Power Inc.’s (OTCQB: WPWR), share price jumped 7.69% to close at 35 cents, up 2 cents from its previous day's close of 33 cents.

The Houston-based energy technology company's stock volume also soared with 9,875,874 shares changing hands, substantially higher than its three-month average volume of 6,174,245.

It appears that investors are currently enthralled with the potential Well Power's newly licensed technology that it says enables oil and gas producers and operators to process otherwise wasted natural gas, including stranded, shut-in, flared and vented gas and produce valued end-products. These would include Engineered FuelTM (diesel, diluents, synthetic crude) and electrical power.

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Diamond Are Forever

In the mining sector, Suburban Minerals Corp. (OTC Pink: SUBB) volume was robust on Feb. 11, with 1,084,927 shares changing hands, substantially higher than its three-month average of 710,881 shares.

The volume could be the result of the Henderson, NV-based company that acquires and operates mines Feb 11 release about an acquisition agreement of the diamond concession, exploration, production and commercialization rights in the Republic of Central Africa

"This is another of several supplemental information disclosures to be filed on OTCpink to provide total transparency to our shareholders," said Tim Sperling, president & CEO of Suburban Minerals Corp.

Suburban Minerals did not include the new disclosures with the release.

SUBB shares closed at 22 cents unchanged from its closing price the previous day.

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