Electronic Cigarette Maker to Partner with Marijuana Company: VaporBrands International Inc. (OTCPINK: VAPR), Amarantus BioScience Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: AMBS) CleanPath Resources Corp. (OTCPINK: CLNP)

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01/30/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

What do you get when you mix an electronic cigarette maker and a provider of medical marijuana?

You get an innovative line of vaporizing products that will fill a growing need throughout the country as more states legalize medical marijuana, according to the two potential partnering companies.

Natural Partnership

VaporBrands International Inc. (OTCPINK: VAPR) stock volume hit new heights Jan. 29, when 2,176,300 changed hands, more than eight times its three-month average of 267,417 shares.

This sudden flurry of activity came on the news released Jan. 28th that the Los Angeles electronic cigarette company has signed a Letter of Intent to form a joint venture with Marijuana, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp, Inc. (OTC Pink: HEMP). Hemp is a provider of products and services for the industrial hemp and medical marijuana industries.

Develop Specialized Marijuana Products

Under terms of the proposed joint venture, Marijuana, Inc. will help VaporBrands develop and distribute specialized marijuana vaporizing products that will be sold primarily through existing medical marijuana dispensary networks.

In addition, VaporBrands and Marijuana Inc. have agreed to research, develop and distribute vaporizer products specifically for the use of Hemp Oil in natural medicine. Marijuana Inc. has also agreed to assist VaporBrands in expanding the retail distribution of its current and future electronic nicotine based cigarette products.

"The same as with vaporized nicotine products, there are also numerous health and operative benefits of utilizing cutting-edge vaporizer technology to consume medical marijuana and hemp" said Wendy Haviland, president of VaporBrands International, Inc., in a written statement.

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Based on the current and projected positive market conditions for legal marijuana, medical and recreational, both parties believe there will be significant demand for VaporBrands and Marijuana, Inc. co-developed vaporizing products among a wide cross-section of users that are seeking the safest and most effective way to consume marijuana.

On Jan. 29, VAPR share price closed at 22 cents, down 3 cents from its closing price of 25 cents the previous day.

It's important to note, that the proposed joint venture forming transaction remains subject to, in addition to  other things, completion of satisfactory due diligence by all parties, and VaporBrands and Marijuana, Inc. entering into a definitive joint venture agreement. There can be no assurance that the transaction will be completed as proposed or at all.

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Collaboration with Boston University School of Medicine

San Francisco-based Amarantus BioScience Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: AMBS) stock volume also continues to soar, with 13,139,809 shares changing hands Jan. 29, more than doubling its three-month daily average share volume of 6,222,584.

This volume comes on the heels of several pieces of good news for the biotech company that's developing treatments for such neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

On Jan. 29, Amarantus announced that that it is establishing research collaboration with researchers at Boston University School of Medicine. Amarantus will work together with the university's Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery Dr. Robert Stern to evaluate the feasibility of using the company's LymPro Test (R) as a blood-based test to identify patients early in the disease process of the neurodegenerative diseases, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and Alzheimer's disease (AD).

"Cell cycle dysregulation is an emerging area of interest in Alzheimer's disease and Traumatic Brain Injury," said Dr. Stern, in a written statement. "We are hopeful the data gathered from this study will inform future studies into this important and emerging field of medical science."

Worldwide rights to Eltoprazine

This news comes just two weeks after Amarantus' Jan. 14th announcement that it had been granted worldwide rights to Eltoprazine. This is a new drug that treats Parkinson’s disease and recently went through Phase2 trials during which it was given to 700 patients.

"Eltoprazine is the most advanced drug candidate in this class. Adequately addressing LID in Parkinson's disease would represent a significant improvement to the standard of care for patients worldwide and is a significant commercial opportunity," Amarantus Board of Directors David A. Lowe said in a written statement.

On Jan. 29, AMBS share price was trading at 12 cents, down 1 cent from its closing share price of 13 cents the previous day.

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Male-enhancement drink maker

On Jan. 29, CleanPath Resources Corp (OTCPINK: CLNP) share price closed at 0.0007 cents down 0.0003 cents from its close of 0.001 cents the previous day.

The Las Vegas Company's stock volume continues to reach staggering heights, with 253,378,513 shares changing hands, nearly eight times its three-month volume of 32,886,950 shares.

The producer of male-enhancement drinks also licenses the liquid treatment process of Ferris Holding, Inc. (FHI). FHI is the developer of a patent pending experimental process for relieving pain, decreasing swelling, increasing range of motion in sore limbs and improving blood circulation.

The experimental process has been tested extensively on humans, horses, dogs and cats with no apparent negative side effects. The process is noninvasive and there is no direct contact between the equipment and the patient.

During the last quarter of 2013, CleanPath Resources set up its first demonstration kiosk in Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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