Apple’s Profitability Path Won’t Be Broken by Naysayers: (NASDAQDS: AAPL), TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (NASDAQ:TQNT), ZAGG Inc. (NASDAQ: ZAGG)

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01/29/2014 [ACCESSWIRE]

While Apple is facing negative onslaughts and buying sprees from billionaire Carl Icahn amid charges the company's no longer creative enough, the universe of business opportunities it's created has just begun to expand.

On Jan. 28, Apple Inc. (NASDAQDS: AAPL) share price lost nearly 8% of its value, closing at $506.50, down $44 from the previous day's share price of $550.50. It did so with 32,494,882 shares changing hands, nearly three times its three-month volume of 11,905,900.

Many industry experts credit this uncharacteristic downtick in Apple's share price to the recent negative comments from gadfly billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who piled on with others criticizing disappointing iPhone sales and Apple’s propensity to hold on to what Icahn believes is too much cash that should instead be lining the pockets of investors like him. Although Icahn's plan for Apple to deplete its surplus has great short-term appeal for investors, it could weaken one of the most successful companies in history’s long-term plans.

The Icahn Effect

At the same time Icahn wailed about Apple's perceived problems, he bought another $550-million shares. Note: Actions speak louder than words. Meanwhile, a background mantra has been growing louder which says Apple is no longer as creative as it once was because current CEO Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, the late founder of the tech giant. Yet, saying that Apple is no longer creative is a little like saying the universe has no mysteries left to discover and is running out of space.

New Products Growing

It's only been a few months ago since Apple unveiled its one-pound iPad air and well-received Macbook Pro. The company is also talking about releasing a new iPhone with a larger screen that when released will probably spark winding lines around every Apple store on this planet. Meanwhile, Apple's massive selling infrastructure, capable of selling apps, eBooks and iTunes has massive room for expansion while others try to reinvent Apple. And don't forget, its chief rival Samsung is still reeling from recent court cases it lost against Apple.

Analysts' Consensus

Of the 35 analysts that cover Apple, 24 recommend a "strong buy," 4 recommend a "buy" and 7 recommend a "hold."

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Smartphone Drives Semiconductor Sales

On Jan. 28, TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. (NASDAQ:TQNT) volume soared, with 3,136,817 shares changing hands, substantially higher than its three-month average of 2,098,903 shares.

The uptick in volume could have been triggered in part by a report released Jan. 24 by Global Industry Analysts Inc. that predicts a strong demand for semiconductors in 2014 as a result of growing smartphone sales.

"Market for handset semiconductors is expected to witness strong growth driven by rising penetration of mobile phones and smartphones in developing countries," the report said. "Taiwan and China represent major supplier of handset semiconductors, worldwide," it added.

On Jan. 28, TQNT's share price closed at $8.36, down 10 cents from its closing price of$ 8.46 the previous day.

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Samsung Keyboards

Many penny stocks with businesses related to smartphones continue to prosper and at minimum are maintaining their share prices.

On such company is ZAGG Inc. (NASDAQ: ZAGG). On Jan 7 the Salt Lake City company announced that it had just rolled out a new lightweight Bluetooth(R) keyboard designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO. On the same day, ZAGG introduced its new Powerbank for smartphone built from lithium-polymer batteries. There is a good margin is such accessories and companies that make them will have the opportunity to ride the rising tide of smartphone sales.

On Jan. 28, ZAGG's share price closed at $4.30, down 3 cents from its closing price of $4.33 the previous day.

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