Hotelbeds Selects Sajan for Translation Services to Accommodate Rapid Global Growth

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12/03/2013 [ACCESSWIRE]

RIVER  FALLS, WI - (ACCESSWIRE - December 3, 2013) - Sajan, Inc. (SAJA), a leading provider of global language services and technology, announced today that Hotelbeds has named Sajan a preferred provider of translation services. Hotelbeds is an accommodation wholesaler, servicing over 50,000 hotels across 183 countries. To further propel its explosive growth, Hotelbeds chose Sajan to rewrite and translate hotel descriptions for approximately 10,000 hotel properties, with several thousand more soon to follow.

Hotelbeds' previous model - using internal teams to translate content - led to scalability and quality concerns, resulting in a decision to outsource translation services to a proven vendor.

"We've been delighted with the level of service and quality we've seen from Sajan," said a project manager at Hotelbeds. "With their global footprint, technology-based solution and deep knowledge of the hotel industry, Sajan gives us the expertise and scalability we need to keep our edge."

Sajan has assembled teams of in-country copywriter linguists to write hotel descriptions from scratch and rewrite existing content in Simplified Chinese, Thai, Japanese and other Asian languages. The process involves optimizing content, which includes maximizing reuse of already-translated content going forward to help keep Hotelbeds'  translation costs down.

The two companies have also discussed kicking off systems integration in the coming weeks. Sajan will integrate Sajan Transplicity, its translation management system, into Hotelbeds' content management system for even greater time and cost efficiencies.

"Hotelbeds operates with a vast global reach, which requires a translation services provider that is just as geographically nimble - a trait that Sajan embodies," said Shannon Zimmerman, CEO of Sajan. "We are proud to be working with Hotelbeds, and we look forward to seeing our relationship grow." 

About Sajan

Sajan is a leading provider of global language translation and localization services, helping clients around the world expand seamlessly into any global market. The foundation of Sajan's solution is its industry-leading language translation management system technology, Sajan Transplicity, which provides process automation and innovative multilingual content reuse to ensure schedule predictability, higher quality and cost efficiencies for its clients. By working closely with its clients, Sajan's experienced team of localization professionals develops tailored solutions that lend flexibility to any large or small business that truly desires to "think globally but act locally." Based in the United States, Sajan has offices in Ireland, Spain and Singapore. Visit Sajan online at

About Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds ( is a global accommodation wholesaler with an online database of over 50,000 hotels in 183 countries. For the year ended 30 September 2012, Hotelbeds sold 16 million room nights. Hotelbeds was founded in Spain in 2001 following the acquisition of Barceló Travel Division by First Choice PLC in 2000. When TUI Tourism and First Choice Holidays PLC merged in 2007, Hotelbeds became part of the Accommodation & Destinations Sector of TUI Travel PLC, the international leisure travel company. Hotelbeds now has local teams operating across 47 countries.


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SOURCE: Sajan, Inc.


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